Recently I decided that I should start a blog to share my love of all things tabletop and board gaming. I then remembered that I already had this blog gathering dust in some dark corner of the internet and figured this would make a good place to start. I plan to start actually making use of this site to post pictures of my hobby projects, show the occasional step-by-step tutorial of hobby projects, and write reviews of new board games I play.

Below the fold I will post some pictures of a few of the projects I have completed since the last time I updated this blog. I recently took on a commission painting project and will have a lot more great photos to post soon.


Since the last time I posted, I can say quite honestly that my painting has improved dramatically. Also, my skill at taking photos of said miniatures has improved greatly as well. Enjoy!

Here are some shots of the Heldrake for my Slaanesh themed Chaos Space Marine army:





Next up for my Slaaneshi army is my Sonic Dreadnought:

Sonic Dread 1Sonic Dread 2

Sonic Dread 3Sonic Dread 4

Sonic Dread 5Sonic Dread 6

And now the leader of this warband, Lucius the Eternal:

Lucius 1Lucius 2

I have several more finished models and works in progress that I will be posting soon, but I have a dachshund on my lap that is telling me it’s time for a walk.

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  1. […] a model standing atop its vanquished foe, apparently it’s kind of my thing–check out my Sonic Dreadnought and Lucius the Eternal if you want to see what I am talking about (I also have a Contemptor Dreadnought sitting in my […]

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