I just finished up doing a commissioned paint job of the greater Bloodthirster An’ggrath the Unbound and thought I’d share it with the world. Enjoy!



An'ggrath01 An'ggrath02

An'ggrath03 An'ggrath04

An'ggrath06 An'ggrath08

An'ggrath05 An'ggrath07


For a sense of scale, from left to right: Sonic Dreadnought, An’ggrath, Wraithknight, and the new Imperial Knight Titan.

Let me know what you think!!!

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  1. 40kterminatus says:

    Thanks to your large size photos you can see some of the real gory detail which is epic. His mouth looks like its dripping with chaos hatred and that deep red is spot on. Also the guy on the skull pile looking up has a look of pure fear on his face and the pair would make a great diorama. Excellent work.

  2. […] out this post if you’d like to see more of the An’ggrath I painted on commission; he is still one of […]

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