I mentioned a little over a week ago that I was working on a display board for my Chaos Space Marines for a team tournament at a local GW shop. I did end up finishing the display board and models in time, just ran out of time to photograph it all before the tourney.


I had a great time at the tourney despite being decimated the first round by what could only be described as a very competitive tournament list; fluffy bunnies such as myself don’t tend to fare well against such lists, but the guys we played against were quite nice and ended up winning the tourney. Our next game was a bloodbath that left only a handful of models from both sides on the board, but we managed to pull off a victory on the last turn–the moral of the game was that even though it looks like that Heldrake is about to fly off the board leaving your cultists safe on an objective, it can go into hover mode and turn around to flame you off the face of the planet.

Game three was another fun battle (and win for us!) against two of our good friends who managed to underestimate the destructive power of two doomsirens walking up to your unit.

In the end we didn’t end up placing in the tourney, but did win best painted!

So these are the Chaos Space Marines I brought from my Slaaneshi, Noise Marine themed army. The basic idea is that a Chapter Master of an Imperial Fist successor chapter slew Lucius the Eternal in combat; when the inevitable transformation for said Chapter Master into Lucius occurred, Slaanesh corrupted the entire chapter and they fell to Chaos.

The army is themed around the Ork Goff Rockers riding on a land raider (not pictured here) as the Noise Marines rock out with them. The symbol for this fallen chapter is the Imperial Fist symbol corrupted into a fist throwing metal horns. I went with a bright gold paint scheme for the whole army as it is quite excessive and Slaanesh is the god of excess after all.

CSMDisplay3 CSMDisplay2

image CSMDisplay7

CSMDisplay5 CSMDisplay1


The symbol of my chapter!

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