With as busy as I have been of late with everything, I have been unable to actually post anything up here. While I haven’t actually finished of any new models since my Children of December Malifaux crew, I do have several projects in the works and I thought I should post some of my works in progress.

Skull Knight 3


Skull Knight 1 Skull Knight 2

I have finished up building my second Imperial Knight, now I just need the weather around here to improve so I can actually prime it up and start painting (and I should probably finish off my first Imperial Knight as well). The weapon modification is based on a sword from the Chaos Space Marine Warp Talon kit; I cut down the front of the giant chainsword and added part of it to the return edge of the blade and then made the large blade out of greenstuff. For the greenstuff blade I did a rough sculpt of the shape, leaving it thicker than I intended the final blade to be. After the greenstuff cured I used my Dremel to hone the blade to its final shape.

The skulls on the shoulder guard are from the Secret Weapon Miniatures “sack o’ skulls” and were individually pinned to the shoulder. I added in a few more skulls for accent on various parts of the knight. I modified the legs of the knight to place it in a more interesting stance; if you are interested in seeing how I accomplished this, check out my tutorial on posing the legs of an Imperial Knight. The guns are also magnetized so that I can swap them out.

Obviously the head, shoulder shield and heavy stubber aren’t attached to the model as I will be painting this model in sub-assemblies (also why my hand is in the photos keeping the knight in the desired pose). If you haven’t tried painting something this large with this much internal detail before I would strongly recommend painting the model in smaller, easier to work with pieces and then putting them together once painted.

I have been drooling over the new Cererastus Knight-Lancer and hopefully will pick one up when I am at Gen Con in August. I was a little skeptical of its price until I saw a picture of it side by side with the plastic knight kit–the Forge World knight stands what looks to be close to four inches taller than the plastic knight!

Keeper of Secrets WiP1 Keeper of Secrets WiP2

I have also been working on  building the Forge World Greater Daemon of Slaanesh as a commission project. This model was both a pain in the ass and a lot of fun to build. Each of the tiny little spikes on the leg, boob, and back of the claw arms were individual pieces which came separately and were too small to easily hold with my fingers and too angled to hold with tweezers; needless to say, much cursing occurred during this phase of the build. The tendril/dreadlock things came perfectly straight and had to be heat-warped into their desired position. I’m not sure why, but I find heat-warping pieces into a custom shape a lot of fun. The tendrils each have a small pin in them to make them easier to attach once painted. Since I primed this gal/guy/thing white, I was able to prime she/he/it up since I always prime inside if I am priming white because white primer is even more susceptible to humidity than black primer.

I have also been working on building and priming the Marcus crew for Malifaux along with an extra Sabertooth Cerberus and Razorspine Rattler to go with him and a few more Ice Gamin for Rasputina. Hopefully I’ll be able to get those guys done quickly as I would like to have them fully painted for the Malifaux tourney I plan on competing in at the end of the month.

I should have a couple of board game reviews up very soon–after months of it being out of print I finally obtained a copy of Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre and my copy of the new Pirates and Bounty Hunters expansion for Firefly: the Game should be in soon. I also purchased my event tickets for Gen Con and got most everything I wanted (sadly I wasn’t able to score tickets to the AEG Big Box night) and am getting super excited for Gen Con. As always it looks like there will be some great new games premiered this year–I’m looking forward to the Firefly “Blue Sun” expansion from Gale Force 9 and King of New York from iello (makers of King of Tokyo). Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to score a copy of both!

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