Razorspine Rattlers!!!

Posted: July 14, 2014 in Finished Miniatures, Malifaux, Wargaming
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Razorspines01Life has been crazy busy of late, but I finally finished off a couple of the models for my Marcus crew for Malifaux and thought I’d share them!


Razorspines02 Razorspines03

Razorspines04 Razorspines05

Razorspines06 Razorspines07

Razorspines08 Razorspines09

Hopefully I will finish off the rest of the Marcus crew soon and be able to run these guys in a game. Marcus’ crew sounds like a lot of fun to play. I have already been running a Sabertooth Cerberus in my Rasputina crew occasionally to great effect (although playing with it unpainted has been causing me physical pain); I actually played in my first ever Malifaux tournament on the June 28th and some how managed to win the whole thing! The Cerberus definitely added some great mobility to my crew that it was lacking, allowing me to go drop some scheme or claim markers deep into enemy territory and then maul the face off of most anyone he runs into. Such an MVP deserves a great paint job, so I am taking my time with him and will post pictures once he is finished off.

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