It has been apparently been almost exactly six months since the last time I posted anything up here. I felt like I had been doing a decent job of posting at least once a week and then *BAM!* life gets crazy busy and all of this falls by the wayside. Between work, travel, ren faire, Gen Con, and laser eye surgery the last six months have been rather packed.


That being said, starting back in late December I decided to make it a goal to get in at least fifteen minutes of painting everyday. It should be noted that this is clearly not a New Year’s Resolution as I started it prior to the new year (which is good because no one ever sticks to their New Year’s Resolutions). Apart from when I have been out of town and when I was recovering from getting my eyes zapped with lasers I have been doing a great job of keeping up with at least my minimum fifteen minutes of painting every day and I must say that I am quite pleased with the results it’s been producing. Below you will be able to find some of the fruits of these labors.

In addition to my painting goals, my wife has decided that she wants to take up writing as a hobby and has been encouraging me to get back into doing this blog as well. This means that we will now have daily mandatory puppy snuggling and writing time on the couch; this will be aided by my shiny new iPad and keyboard. By no means does this mean that I will be posting on a daily basis now, but it will help me to craft a posts ahead of time in preparation for when I actually get some pictures to fill the post in a little more. It may also mean that I will actually get around to posting reviews of some games that I have been meaning to post for a couple of months and I may even get around to doing a big post about the annual awesomeness that was Gen Con.

So while you are all waiting for me to actually live up to what I said above, here are a few of the projects I’ve completed since last I posted:

I took part in a local Malifaux growth league. We had several different soul stone levels along the way, but had to start with a henchman led crew and end up with a 50ss crew. I somehow managed to win not only best painted for my Rasputina/Myranda crew, but I also managed to win the league outright as well! You’ll recognize my Children of December crew and Sabertooth Cerberus from earlier posts, but Myranda and some extra Ice Gamin have joined the party.


And here are a couple closer looks at Myranda:

myranda1 myranda2

I also painted up a second Sabertooth Cerberus because I needed a second for when Myranda shapeshifts into a three-headed death kitty. I am really happy with how the stripes came out on this.

darkkitty2 darkkitty1

darkkitty5 darkkitty3




I have been playing a lot of Marcus lately, so I’ve been working on getting more beasts to use with him. I’ve already posted some pictures of my Razorspine Rattlers earlier and Marcus and Cojo are currently chilling half painted in my work in progress queue (I got some major hobby ADD after all of the shinies I picked up at Gen Con). I did manage to finish of one of my favorite Malifaux models, the Jackalope!

jackalope1 jackalope4 jackalope5

And speaking of my post-Gen Con hobby ADD, here is a Hoarcat Pride I picked up at Gen Con:

hoarcats1 hoarcats2 hoarcats3

There are more models I have finished off during my highly productive daily fifteen minutes of painting, but I didn’t want to dump them all on you at once. I have also been working on a couple of models to enter into the Wyrd Miniatures winter “Frozen Moments” painting contest. I will post some pictures of those once I have decided which model to enter and which not to; I am super excited about all of them and can’t decide which one has the best chance of winning. Check back soon for more pictures of finished miniatures! (I’ll probably be throwing in a few work in progress shots too just for good measure)

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