As promised, here are some more of the Malifaux models I have finished off recently due to my daily fifteen minutes of painting. It really is quite inspiring the amount of work I can get done simply by forcing myself to keep to that commitment of fifteen minutes of painting each day; I strongly recommend it to anyone who finds themselves with a big stack of models they need to finish off. I have also included a few works in progress today to show off a some things I have been working on that aren’t quite finished yet.


Here is a look at the first Neverborn model I have ever finished, Teddy! I do have to say I love the concept of a gigantic, nightmarish teddy bear.

teddy1 teddy2 teddy3

I figure I should continue the teddy bears on parade with my Miss Ery, the Gen Con exclusive “Miss” model for 2014. Every year Wyrd Miniatures does a “Miss” model for Malifaux where they take a model that is normally a male model and turn it into a female model, giving it a fun name that starts with Miss and is a fun plan on words, such as Miss Step, Miss Stake, Miss Fortune, etc. The past models are more obviously female as they tend to be human (or at least semi-human) models, but I assure you that this angry red teddy bear is actually female.

missery1 missery2

One of the new crews Wyrd released at Gen Con this year was the “Hide and Seek” crew box for the Dreamer. For those of you not familiar with Malifaux, in short the Dreamer is a creepy little kid with magic powers which make his dreams and nightmares into realities; clearly he gets along quite well with the Teddys I posted above. He also has his best friend, Lord Chompy Bits, a massive Tyrant entity which he occasionally brings in to kill stuff for him. Most of his crew isn’t even far enough along to bother sharing any work in progress photos with you (ie-they have only been built and primed), but I did finish up one of his little Daydream buddies.

Daydream 1 Daydream 2 Daydream 3

As you can see, I am basing all of my miniatures which go along with the Dreamer on cobblestone bases. I like the idea of this creepy, incorporeal kid wandering the streets of Malifaux at night terrorizing anyone he comes across. Below I have a couple of these bases without their models on them as it works better to paint the models and bases separate in those cases. For my cobblestone bases I use the resin Cobblestone bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures. These particular bases are for Lord Chompy Bits and Mr. Graves.

Cobblestones 1 Cobblestones 2 Cobblestones 3

Speaking of painting bases and models separately, here is a base I finished up for my Rogue Necromancy, the first Resurrectionist model I am currently working on to go with my Marcus crew. This is a Secret Weapon Miniatures Sewer Works base.

Sewer Base 1 Sewer Base 2

Something else I have recently finished up are several corpse markers for Malifaux. You can probably guess where these ones came from…

Corpse Markers

I have several more models currently in progress and once I decide what I will actually be entering in the Wyrd Miniatures winter painting contest, I will post some pictures of the stuff I am not entering. I also played a bunch of fun new games the past couple of days (three separate gaming get-togethers over two days this last weekend!), so I have a few game reviews which I will be posting soon–most excitingly will be my review of the long awaited game Cthuhu Wars!!!

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  1. Argentbadger says:

    Terrific painting. The Teddies are very iconic Malifaux models. How did you find paiting the regular Teddy? Some local gamers complained that the fur was not very well sculpted, but it looks fine in your pictures. Did you paint the appearance of texture on?

    • gusladogames says:

      Thanks! I didn’t really have too much of a problem getting the fur to pop on the teddy, although the fur Wyrd tends to sculpt on their miniatures does tend to be a lot less deep than fur on GW models. To keep from covering the fur texture I had to make sure that I didn’t lay on too thick with the primer and the base coat was really thinned down. After a wash over the basecoat, I drybrushed it with the original basecoat color, then did two rounds of dry brushing with progressively lighter colors. The blue fur wasn’t popping as much as I wanted to, so I did end up going brighter than I originally planned on going and that extra step up in the brightness really ended up making it look how I wanted it.

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