Now that the Wyrd Miniatures Frozen Moments Painting contest voting is closed , I can show you my entry as promised! I may not have won the single miniature category, but I feel like I made a very good showing (by my last count I was about 5thish place out of 27 entries) and got a lot of compliments on what I did. While the Mr. Graves titled “A Better Class of Bouncer” which did win and the others close to it were certainly in a class above my skills (there was also an amazing McMourning which was solidly leading in votes but had to pull out of the contest because he apparently misread the rules and entered something which couldn’t be entered), I feel like I made a decent showing and my painting has improved a lot even since the last contest I entered.


Here’s a closer look at the two angles I chose for my entry of Snow Storm. For those not familiar with Malifaux, Snow is the lady in front and Storm is the big dude in back; they are part of the Cult of December and go along with the other icy miniatures I have previously posted. I am quite happy with how this model turned out as a whole. I am especially proud of the contrast between Snow’s black coat and the rest of the model. I am extremely pleased that several people commented on how it looks like the icicles are in the process of being summoned as that is exactly what I was going for. Enjoy!


If you are interested in my previous painting contest entries, check out my Sabertooth Cerberus entry into the Wyrd Summer painting contest.

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