Review of Walk the Plank!

Posted: February 22, 2015 in Board Games, Reviews
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Walk the Plank!01

In Walk the Plank! from Mayday Games, players represent the worst pirates in a captain’s crew. The captain has rounded you all up because you’re lazy, stupid, and simply not worth the rum and loot you get paid. That said, the captain has decided he’s willing to keep two of you in his crew. To prove you’re worthy you will fight amongst yourselves and try to shove the other pirates off the end of the plank while keeping yourself alive!


In game terms, each round players secretly stack three of their ten action cards, then they take turns revealing and playing those actions one by one no matter what’s gone wrong between the planning and the doing. If you plan to have a pirate shove someone off the plank on your third move and all he sees are his own best mates, he will still shove away! The more powerful action cards bear a skull and crossbones on the and must remain on the table the round after they’re played, but otherwise players then pick up their action cards, pass the first player marker, and start a new round. As soon as two or fewer pirates remain on board, the game ends and the owner (or owners) of these pirates win! Watch out, though, as sometimes every pirate will end up in the drink, which means that no one wins other than the sharks circling in the water below…

Walk the Plank!02 Walk the Plank!03

This game is silly and a lot of fun. Is there much skill involved? No, but no one seems to care because they’re having too much fun. Sometimes when my friends and I are feeling particularly silly we choose our action cards completely at random and hilarity ensues.

Walk the Plank! can handle three to five players and is recommended for ages eight and up (although all of us thirty and up people had a blast with it). This is another one of those games that is great either in between heavier games or when you feel like playing something light and silly.

I give Walk the Plank! 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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