Old School Bloodthirster Tiny Bloodthirster

When I was cleaning up my hobby room this weekend I found a box of my old models from when I first started miniature gaming a little over 20 years ago (oh god, has it really been that long?). Inside said box I found my original Bloodthirster miniature and thought it would be fun  to show how far we have come considering the latest version Bloodthirster kit just released by Games Workshop; I would also like to note that my painting has certainly come a long way too, but 10ish year old me thought this guy was the best thing ever! The new Bloodthirster model is awesome looking and very dynamically posed, but I feel like An’ggrath from Forge World is still the best looking of all of the various Bloodthirsters we have seen throughout the years.


Check out this post if you’d like to see more of the An’ggrath I painted on commission; he is still one of my favorite things I have ever painted.


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