Marcus 3

In an earlier post I asked you all to heap your shame and scorn upon me if I didn’t post a finished photo of one of five miniatures within one week from the aforementioned post. You can call of the hounds, for now, as Marcus is here in all his painted glory to command those hounds!


For those of you not familiar with Malifaux, Marcus is a master from the Arcanists faction. His whole deal is that he is a beastmaster type character who does all kinds of fun stuff to beasts. He can hire beasts from any faction into his crew, toss out lots of fun buffs to his animal friends, hinder enemy animals, and even make enemies which aren’t normally beasts count as beasts themselves, which then gives him the delightful opportunity to take control of them for a little bit (it should be noted that making Ramos detonate most of hs crew and then himself is remarkably evil and a whole lot of fun to do). If you run Marcus right, he can also be an incredible beatstick who can run halfway across the board in a single turn and punch something in the face really hard. I hope you like what I’ve done with him:

Marcus 1 Marcus 4


Marcus 5 Marcus 2


And here is a family photo of Marcus, Myranda, and a few of their furry friends.

Family Photo

Earlier I mentioned temporarily calling off the hounds of shame and scorn for not finishing models. The photo on the left is the original photo I posted in my call to arms. As you can see in the photo on the right, of the miniatures in the original picture, I have only completed one.

fabfive fabfive2

This means that once again I call upon the citizens of the internet to heap your shame and scorn upon me if I fail to complete another of these models by this point in one week’s time.

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