I just finished painting my Dawn Serpent from the Ten Thunders Faction of Malifaux and I’m floored at how it came out. I hear you say, “But why would you paint that? You play Arcanists!” To that I must say, have you seen this model? It’s such a cool model I would want to paint it even if I couldn’t use it in game, but the Dawn Serpent is a beast and Marcus can bring along beasts from any faction! That means I get to add this sweet looking dragon to Marcus’ ever expanding menagerie!


I am really happy with how this miniature turned out. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get the basing to work in such a way that it looked like the Dawn Serpent is floating while still having him attached solidly enough so that I don’t have to worry about him breaking off the base; I accomplished the second part of that goal, you can be the judge of if I pulled of the first part (I like to think I did). So here are a few more angles of this fantastic model!

dawnserpent2 dawnserpent1

dawnserpent3  dawnserpent4

Three weeks ago I called upon you to heap your scorn and shame upon me if I did not finish one of five models within a week of that date. By finishing Marcus within that week I completed this first challenge. Once again I called on you to shame me were I not to finish another of those models within a week’s time. At your feet I laid the humble offering of Cojo to fulfill that challenge. I then called upon you for a third time to heap your shame, scorn, and derision upon me if I did not complete one of those models inside the week. Here I have shown you one of my favorite Malifaux models to date in the form of the Dawn Serpent to complete this third quest.

The time of the Iron Painter draws nigh and my preparation is not yet complete…

Good citizens of the internet, I beseech you to aid me in my preparations for this noblest of quests by berating me mercilessly if I fail to deliver yet another of these fated models unto you, my magnificent benefactors. Only Lord Chompy Bits and the Rogue Necromancy remain unfinished upon my painting table. Which of these intimidating foes will I tackle to take one step more toward being prepared to tackle the epic struggle that is Iron Painter? Return here next Friday and you shall see!

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  1. Nick says:

    Lord Chompy Bits may be a tough one to tackle because of the size and detail. I wish you good luck sir, and I shall be ready to heap shame upon you if you should fail !

  2. Argentbadger says:

    Terrific painting, but I love the way you’ve tied this in with the rest of your crews by basing it on and around the icicles.

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