Insidious Madness Proxy

Posted: April 1, 2015 in Finished Miniatures, Malifaux, Wargaming
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One of my favorite concepts for a master in Malifaux is the Dreamer–he’s this little kid with an overactive imagination who also happens to have magical powers, but no one Earthside realizes he has these powers. I have been working at putting together a fully painted crew of his nightmare friends. Unfortunately Wyrd hasn’t made a plastic version of Insidious Madnesses yet and the old metal ones are nearly impossible to find now. Conveniently the  A Wyrd Place Facebook group does a monthly hobby challenge and the March challenge was to make a proxy model for use in Malifaux, so I took a Games Workshop Pink Horror I had sitting around and turned it into an Insidious Madness for this challenge. I figured that since this is something being not quite what it sees that it would be the perfect thing to share for April Fools Day!



As the challenge was to get my proxy to look close to the source material, above is the source art for the Insidious Madness and below is my take on it.

madness2 madness3

madness1 madness4

Turning the Games Workshop Pink Horror into an Insidious Madness didn’t require a ton on conversion work, but a few modifications were necessary. The original model had more bracers on its arms, but I didn’t like how all of them looked, so shaved most them away. I liked how the one bracer I did leave gave me the opportunity to break up the color of the model a little bit; I just needed to remove a Tzeentch icon from that bracer to make it look less GW and more Malifaux.

Usually I hate using proxies for models, but I am really happy with how this model came out. So far my Dreamer crew is coming along well, hopefully I’ll have them all painted up and ready to play soon. Now Wyrd just needs to bring out plastic models of more of the Dreamers friends–still waiting on some plastic Stitched Together as the metal ones are nearly impossible to find.

On another note, entry into Wyrd’s Iron Painter contest is closed and now I am just waiting for the announcement of the theme and pairings for the first round. I will be doing an ongoing series of blog posts chronicling my epic quest to be crowned an Iron Painter; I pledge to you, good citizens of the internet, that even if I am eliminated from the competition that I will complete a model for each and every single round of the Iron Painter. I shall do it for the honor! I shall do it for the glory! I shall do it for the recognition! I shall do it for the chance at glittering prizes! I shall do it for you, oh citizens of the internet!

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  1. […] and sculpted it to look like it is being summoned into reality from the swirling nightmare. I have previously used a GW Pink Horror model as an Insidious Madness proxy and thought that the face of one of those models would work great as a wailing face emerging from […]

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