Lord Chompy Bits

Posted: April 3, 2015 in Finished Miniatures, Malifaux, Wargaming
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In some of my recent posts I have mentioned the Malifaux Neverborn master known as the Dreamer (aka the creepy little kid who haunts the dreams of Malifaux). I have also mentioned that the Dreamer has some nightmarish friends, well this little guy is his very best friend–Lord Chompy Bits!!! 


Lord Chompy Bits is just the name the Dreamer gave his best friend, his actual name is Nytmare and he is a Tyrant entity who twists the dreams of humans to nightmares and feeds upon the terror he induces. Nytmare hangs out with the Dreamer because the boy is immune to Nytmare’s power and wields tremendous power himself, power Nytmare does not fully understand but wants for himself and which he will defend until it is his.

image image

image image


This model is the fourth model in four weeks which I swore I would complete in preparation for Wyrd’s Iron Painter 2015 painting contest. It is now time to see if my preparation has been enough for the first round theme and matchup were announced today! The theme is “Fool’s Gold” and I am paired off with the mystery knight “TheGodeckan”. I will be keeping you all abreast of this epic undertaking in my upcoming series “An Iron Painter’s Quest”. I will also hopefully be finishing off other models along the way to keep my painting chops strong along the way.

Check back soon for the first installment of “An Iron Painter’s Quest”!

And now, TO WAR!!!!

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