An Iron Painter’s Quest, Episode 1: The Beginning

Posted: April 8, 2015 in Hobby Tutorial, Iron Painter 2015, Wargaming, Warhammer, Works in progress
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It is begun!!! The first round theme and match-ups for Wyrd’s Iron Painter 2015 painting contest have been announced!  Iron Painter is a painting contest run by Wyrd Miniatures; this contest varies from most painting contests in that it has multiple rounds and each round there’s a theme and all of the entrants are paired off in head-to-head match-ups, the winner of each pair advancing to the next round and the last painter standing at the end of all rounds crowned the victor. Competitors are encouraged to complete entries for each round even if they have been eliminated and any painter who manages to complete an entry every single round received special recognition (and chances at prizes!). Full details on the competition are available on Wyrd’s website.

The theme for the first round of Iron Painter 2015 is “Fool’s Gold” and I am paired off with the mystery knight “TheGodeckan”; I do not know who this opponent is or what their painting skills are, but their forum avatar is of Cthulhu, so therefor they must be respected. I have begun work on my entry for this round and I thought you all might like to see what I am up to. 

Upon learning the theme for round one is “Fool’s Gold” I started kicking around a few ideas in my head to see if I could come up with anything good; this ultimately led me to very few good ideas apart from the idea to look through the closet of my hobby room to see if that stirred up any good ideas. In my search I came across this gem of a model and knew I had found the piece I would paint for my entry:

FoolsGoldWiP01 FoolsGoldWiP02

This model was the model made available to subscribers of Games Workshop’s White Dwarf magazine in 2011. When I saw this model I immediately thought how well it fits the theme of Fool’s Gold. I envisioned this foolish pirate dwarf stranded on a tiny desert island with his pitiful treasure. I decided to base him on a larger sized base so that I could have his island in the center surrounded by water.

FoolsGoldWiP04 FoolsGoldWiP03

To make the sand underneath what I plan on covering under water effects more dynamic, I decided that I wanted to give the sand ripples as you often see in underwater sand. To do this, I rolled out thin tubes of greenstuff which I then sculpted to ridges on the base. Once the greenstuff had hardened I covered the base with glue and sand.

FoolsGoldWiP05 FoolsGoldWiP06

FoolsGoldWiP07 FoolsGoldWiP08

While waiting for the glue on the base to dry, I put down some basecoats on my fool, the pirate dwarf; this guy is going to be a lot of fun to paint, but I am focusing on getting the base ready first as it will require several layers of water effects to get the water as deep as I want it around the island. Once the glue I dried on the base I cleaned up the edges of the base and then primed and basecoated the base.

FoolsGoldWiP09 FoolsGoldWiP10

FoolsGoldWiP11 FoolsGoldWiP12

After two coats of Zandri Dust I gave the sand progressively lighter drybrushes of Ushabti Bone, Screaming Skull, and finally White Scar; I kept the valleys between the sand ripples darker and highlighted up the tops of the ridges to make them pop a little bit more. I decided to go with a more yellowed hue for the skulls on the base to make them contrast the sand better.

FoolsGoldWiP13 FoolsGoldWiP14 FoolsGoldWiP15

So that is where I am so far. I just have some detailing left to do on the base before I start pouring water effects. Hopefully I can finish up that detailing tonight because I would like as much time as possible for the water effects because I anticipate needing at least four pours to get the water to the depth I want.

Check back soon for more updates to my noble quest!

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  1. gameoftravel says:

    base looks cool! good luck with the competition!

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