An Iron Painter’s Quest, Episode 4: Fool’s Gold

Posted: April 20, 2015 in Finished Miniatures, Iron Painter 2015
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I am very pleased to present you with my entry for Round 1 of Wyrd Miniature’s Iron Painter contest. The theme for this round is “Fool’s Gold” and I have titled my entry “Beginner’s Guide to Piracy.”

This model was the model made available to subscribers of Games Workshop’s White Dwarf magazine in 2011. I’ve had this guy sitting around in my closet for a few years now waiting to be painted, but I had previously never really had the inspiration to paint him; this contest was just the inspiration I needed to paint up a display piece like this.

As the sculpt for this model was inspired by the White Dwarf Magazine, it has several books and magazines scattered about the base and not much gold. I thought it would be fun to have the story of this piece be that this dwarf decided to be a pirate and thought the best way to do that was to read a few how-to books on piracy; the caption I gave this photo for the entry is “I’m telling you, First Mate Polly, nowhere in this book does it say that you need to tie up the boat!”

Here are a couple larger images that I used to make the collage for my entry.

IMG_3282 IMG_3273

IMG_3268 IMG_3270

Also, here is a look at what is in the chest under his foot. It’s tough to see with him standing there, but I thought this is a fun little detail.


I am quite proud of how great this miniature came out. Here is a link to the gallery of all of the Round One Iron Painter entries. It would also appear that my opponent for this round did manage to finish his entry, you can go here if you want to check out the entry that I am directly up against.

The results of this round are scheduled to be posted on Thursday, April 23rd, so check back here on that day to see whether or not I get the nice birthday present of advancing to the next round. Even if I fail to advance I will continue to make pieces for each round and enter them into the “eliminated” gallery as this painting contest isn’t just about winning, it’s about inspiring painters to push themselves and I intend to keep going with this quest until the very end. The theme for Round 2 is scheduled to be announced on Friday, April 24.


I hope you all like my entry, I really did have a great time painting it. Check back soon for much more from the Iron Painter contest; until then I will be playing with my new airbrush…

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