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Posted: April 23, 2015 in Hobby Projects, Works in progress
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While I have been waiting for the results of Round 1 of the Iron Painter 2015 contest and the announcement of the second round theme, I have been playing around with the airbrush I received as a birthday present from my parents. Yes, I know. My birthday isn’t until today, but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t damaged in shipping. Or something like that, I swear…


After a very long time of contemplating getting an airbrush and then doing lots of research into what I wanted in an airbrush, I finally pulled the trigger on this and got an airbrush setup as the birthday gift to me from my parents. So this is my new Badger RK-1 Krome airbrush.


Once pieces of the airbrush setup showed up, I decided that I should probably get some paint to run through this thing; I have tons of GW paints, but I figured that getting some airbrush paint would help me to figure out how much to thin those paints when I run them through my airbrush. I decided to go with Vallejo Model Air paint as it seems to be the mostly widely recommended airbrush paint I have heard of for miniatures; I went over to my nearest FLGS and picked up the only bottle they had. As I plan on using that paint mostly on sheets of paper for a while to help me get the feel of how to use my airbrush, it didn’t much matter what the color was.

After playing around with that paint on paper for a little while I felt confident enough to try a little bit of priming with my airbrush. When I was at the game shop picking up the airbrush paint, I also picked up a couple cheap minis from the Reaper “Bones” line so that I could try using my airbrush on them without the fear of messing up any of my models I care about. I also figured that if that went well I should prime up these Stitched Together from Malifaux as I have been meaning to get them painted up (also, since they are metal I figured they would be easier to strip than any of my plastic models if I messed them up).

image image

I really like how smoothly and evenly the primer went onto the models. I definitely enjoyed how much more control I had using an airbrush instead rattle can primer. Since using the black primer ended up going so well, I decided I ought to give the white primer a try as well. I broke out my Malifaux Waldgeists that I have been meaning to paint.

image image

After priming these with my airbrush I can honestly say that I am never going back to rattle cans for priming. I have always been very hesitant to prime models white because white primer is so sensitive to weather conditions. If there weather is too hot or humid, white primer gets all wonky (fuzzy, pebbled, etc.); since the weather in Houston is always hot, humid, or both, any time I wanted to prime a model white I would have to do it indoors. Priming indoors is never ideal as it has nasty fumes and ends up leaving a fine residue of paint powder everywhere and even with the climate controlled indoors I have run into problems with white primer from rattle cans. I have never gotten any primer as smooth and thin, yet well covering as I did with my airbrush. I hear many of you out there yelling that I have black primer and I have white primer, so I have all the ingredients I need to give zenithal priming a go; I intend to try that out at some point, but I’m taking baby steps here to learn what I am doing with my airbrush.

The next step I will be taking with my airbrush is basecoating! I have a few models I have been meaning to start, so I think I’ll try laying down the major basecoats with my airbrush. And as it is my birthday, hopefully tonight I’ll be unwrapping a few more miniatures to use my new airbrush on!

The theme for the next round of Iron Painter 2015 is supposed to be announced tomorrow, so check back to hear about that. Since I am still just a beginner with my airbrush, the most I will probably be doing on that will be priming but I am still excited to be able to do that much! I also have a few more models that I just have to finish off the basing on, so I will be able to continue my trend of making Fridays “Finished Model Friday”. Hmmm, maybe I should do “Work in Progress Wednesdays” too once this whole Iron Painter thing wraps up…

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  1. VoltRon says:

    Yeah I also can’t go back to priming with a can (I recently tried with some Wrath of Kings models and instant regret was had :/ )!

    And Happy Birthday!

    • gusladogames says:

      Not only does it work better than rattle cans, but it costs less for a bottle and from the amount I used priming these models I can already tell one bottle will last more than five times longer! Also, thanks for the b-day wishes!

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