The Dreamer is Ready to Play!

Posted: April 24, 2015 in Finished Miniatures, Malifaux, Wargaming
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Best Friends Forever

While waiting for results of round one of the Iron Painter contest I figured I should finish up a few things I have on my painting desk. That means it’s time to sleep carefully–The Dreamer is ready to come out to play!


In recent posts I have mentioned the creepy little kid who haunts the dreams of Malifaux–the Neverborn master known as the Dreamer. Well, he is finally here and ready to haunt your dreams and frolic in your nightmares!

Dreamer1 Dreamer2

Dreamer4 Dreamer3

When you’re used to painting heroic scale adults, painting a creepy little kid is certainly a challenge. While working on The Dreamer, I also finished up the last of his three Daydreams.

Red Daydream1 Red Daydream2

With these two models along with the other Daydreams, Coppelius, and Lord Chompy Bits I almost have The Dreamer’s crew box completely painted. The box also comes with three Alps, but I haven’t had the inspiration to paint those up yet. Knowing the way my mind works, I will probably find myself painting those Alps up rather soon for completeness sake. Even without the Alps finished, with the other nightmare models I have painted I can probably run a fully painted Dreamer crew now! Here’s a look at the nightmare models I have.

Nightmares Best Friends Forever

I realized after I painted all of my Daydreams that I have them in green, blue, and red and that I have a red Teddy and a blue Teddy; looks like I am going to need to paint a green Teddy now…

Speaking of painting things, I have some very good news to share. I have won my round one matchup in the Iron Painter 2015 contest and now I advance to the second round! The theme for the second round will be later on today. As soon the theme is announced and inspiration strikes me, I will be continuing my ongoing series, “An Iron Painter’s Quest.”

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  1. 40kterminatus says:

    That purple is just amazing😀

  2. Argentbadger says:

    Really nice. I never noticed it before, but the Dreamer has quite a grown-up look to his face (I think maybe it’s the shape of his head). He looks even creepier than usual with eyeliner on!

    • gusladogames says:

      The fluff in the book says that Earthside people shun him because he has this unnerving presence to him. I tried to give him slightly glowing purple eyes to reflect his magical abilities and give him a look contrary to his innocent appearance. I suppose it does look a little like eyeliner too.

  3. fungus1487 says:

    The LCB paint job is awesome, would love to know how many stages you went through to get the finished result.

    • gusladogames says:

      Thanks! Let’s see, not counting primer…
      For the purple area, 1-Basecoat Naggarath Night, 2-washed Druchi Violet, 3-drybrushed Naggarath Night to show me where the natural highlights form, 4- 50/50 layer Naggarath night/Xereus Purple, 5–layered xereus purple, 6–60/40 highlight layer of xereus purple/genestealer purple, 7–50/50 highlight xereus purple/genestealer purple on the brightest spots…
      Um, i think that’s it for the purple, so 7ish stages for that (could be more). I basecoat most of the details after step 3 because those are the steps where the most “splash damage” gets onto unintended bits and if my detailing gives a little splash damage it’s easier to do touch-ups.
      Oh yeah, and I also painted the base seperate from the big guy because it would have been impossible to get all of the details on it if I were trying to work around his legs.
      Hope that helps!

      • fungus1487 says:

        Ace! Thanks very much for the info, do you work from light or dark primer? It actually looks like quite a light piece and all the other minis are very strong in light colours, I would have guessed white but I never can tell 😛

      • gusladogames says:

        Chompy, Coppelius, the Insidious Madness, and the two Teddys in this post started with a black primer. The Dreamer and his Daydreams were primed white. Until recently I did most everything black primer unless it was really small because the weather around here tends to make spray can white primer go fuzzy. I recently got an airbrush and love the quality I get with white primer sprayed through that.

      • fungus1487 says:

        Thanks again for all the information, I am just about to pick up where I left off many years ago and its great to see some awesome inspiration for my own Dreamers 🙂 thanks pal.

  4. […] the projects I have been focusing on this week are some Malifaux models I need to make running the Dreamer a viable option. I also have hit a critical point in my work on the Sigismund project that I have […]

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