An Iron Painter’s Quest, Episode 5: At Wit’s End

Posted: April 27, 2015 in Iron Painter 2015, Works in progress
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After defeating my opponent in honorable combat to advance to the second round of the Iron Painter 2015 painting contest I and may others were forced to wait in quiet contemplation of what is to come. Late in the day on Friday our answer came to all who seek the glory of Iron Painter–round two is to be even more brutal than the last round with all matchups being a three-way showdown, a menage-au-trois of painting madness if you will. And what is to be the theme for this triumvirate of the brush? The End of the World, as we know it!!!


While this theme has great potential, absolutely nothing immediately jumped into my mind for something to paint for this theme. So I went to the internet to watch REM’s music video of “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”. Unfortunately the only thing this managed to do was get that song stuck in my head. I started tossing around ideas with my wife and we came up with a few that might work, but none of the ideas we came up with would be possible with existing models and sadly my sculpting skills aren’t quite to the level of making an entire competition worthy model from scratch.

When I reached this impasse, I decided that it was time to take a break from brainstorming and do a little research on what I am up against this round. My two opponents are paintminion and amazonwarlord; apparently neither is the fan of capitalizing their names (I must remember this and exploit it as a weakness later). I looked at both of their first round entries (you can see paintminon’s entry here and amazonwarlord’s entry here) and remembered both as entries that I really liked, but none of the entries that I feared. My score for round one was 44 of 60 possible; paintminion’s score was 46 and amazonwarlord’s was 37, so this round looks like a fairly even match-up with my solidly in the middle seed. Both of my opponents are solid painters, but they are not the dreadlords of the Iron Painter contest that I feared I might have to face.

Buoyed with the knowledge that I stand a good chance against my opponents I resumed my hunt for the perfect idea to represent The End of the World, as we Know it. And once again I hit a brick wall. So I watch a movie–Multiplicity, great movie I’ve been meaning to get forever but always forgot to; my wife got it me for my birthday, I had forgotten how funny this movie was. While that movie didn’t help shake loose any good ideas, it was a delightful respite from the ideas swirling about my head and coalescing into nothing.

With still no better ideas than when I started, I decided that maybe slapping some paint on an unrelated model might distract my brain to the point where the perfect idea might just come to me. So I started on the model I chose to do for the Hobby Commitment Challenge the Malifaux sub-reddit is running. A few hours later I finished said model and still no coherent ideas had come together. With that I decided it was time to sleep; perhaps something would come to me in my dreams…


The world of dreams…

The world of dreams begins where our world ends…

And now I have my idea. My model has been ordered and two-day shipping has been selected. Now I wait…

Beware, paintminion and amazonwarlord, for where my world of dreams begins is where your world ends and the nightmare begins!

To Episode 6: The Nightmare Begins…

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