Reblog: So you want to airbush? A Beginner’s Guide, Part 1

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Hobby Projects, Hobby Tutorial, Wargaming


I have previously mentioned another blog that really helped me in my research into getting an airbrush. While I am still learning how to master this black magic device, I am already excited by the results I am getting with my airbrush and am confident it will become a powerful tool in my painting arsenal; I wanted to share this blog post with you because I found it ridiculously helpful in my hunt. If you find this post as helpful as I did and decide to get yourself an airbrush, help a fellow hobbyist out and order yours through the Amazon affiliate store he has set up on his page. I hope this helps you all out as much as it helped me.
If you’re into listening to podcasts, and looking for a little beginners help with your airbrushing, give A Wyrd Place Podcast episode 5 a listen. They have a lot of the same advice as this blog post, but also have a few other nuggets of wisdom on the topic. If you’re into Malifaux and haven’t given this podcast a listen, they have a lot of good info on the game and hobby (although I do wish they’d put out episodes a little more often). If you’re not a Malifaux player (why aren’t you!?) and just want the airbrush info, you can jump to about an hour into that episode.
I am most certainly not an airbrushing expert (yet!) but these two sources really are what gave me the confidence in my selection of the parts of my airbrush setup.

Miniature armies, huge time sink.

As requested: airbrushing!

Asking for airbrush advice is a fairly common topic on miniature forums. And with good reason.  Getting one is pretty daunting and there aren’t many clear cut answers (such is art I guess).

That’s because just getting an airbrush isn’t enough.  What else do you need to make it work?  How do you make it work?  It can be a fairly expensive venture, so you want to keep trial and error to a minimum.

Welp, you’re in luck because I’m one to dive into things, so I’ll share with you all my trial and error and all I’ve learned in my 2ish years of using an airbrush!  Here’s comes the quick and dirty guide!

DISCLAIMER: While I do try to give more clear cut answers, these are still my recommendations ONLY.  I’ve geared this guide towards people that want more concrete answers.  I do…

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  1. Nick says:

    What’s a podcast? Never heard of that before ….

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