An Iron Painter’s Quest, Episode 6: The Nightmare Begins…

Posted: April 30, 2015 in Iron Painter 2015, Malifaux, Works in progress
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After much deliberation as to what to paint for this round of the Iron Painter contest and then waiting for my model to arrive to my doorstep, the model I’ll be painting for the second round of the Iron Painter contest is finally here! The theme for this round is “The End of the World, As We Know It.” As I mentioned in my previous post it took a long time to decide on what to do for this theme, but I finally struck upon the concept that the world as we know it ends where the world of dreams begins and I knew just the model that would work for this…

The Dreamer, Avatar of Imagination!


In Malifaux, Avatars are basically the hulked out, super-powered version of a Master when they unlock secret magics previously unknown to them; they are ridiculously powerful and no longer actually usable in-game outside of the campaign system (which is still in beta testing). In his Avatar form, The Dreamer has utter control over the world of dreams and nightmares; where your world ends, his begins!


I got started on this guy late last night after the hockey game which I do not want to talk about. My first impression on seeing this model in person is that it’s a very nice cast with not a lot of clean up to do. I have been looking at several of the avatar models for a while, but never pulled the trigger on any of them as they aren’t usable in normal games. This contest is the perfect reason to finally paint up such a cool model and I am really looking forward to painting this!


The first thing I had to do after cleaning up the model a little was to start sculpting on the base. My plan for the base is to have one side based with wooden flooring like you would find in the Dreamer’s room earthside and the other side to be a nightmarish swirl carrying over from the portal of the door.

WoodbaseTutorial09 EndOfWorldWiP03

This was my first time sculpting wooden flooring and I am really happy with the results; I’ll do a step-by-step hobby tutorial of how I sculpted the wood planks once I get this a little further along in the process.

Once I permanently attach the wall to the base (the above picture was just making sure the wall fit right with the wood flooring), I will be sculpting something decidedly nightmarish on the floor of the otherworld side of the base; I have a few ideas that just might work and make this extra special, I just have to get home to see if they will work as well in reality as they do in my head. Since it takes time for greenstuff to cure before being able to be painted, I need to get on this right away to make sure I have enough time to give this cool model the paint job it deserves. I am planning on doing some object source lighting coming from the portal and possibly trying out some other cool techniques to bump this model up a notch.

While I may not be working with water effects again this time around, there is still quite a bit on this model that will be time sensitive. The challenge is here and it’s time to buckle down and kick some ass! So, paintminion and amazonwarlord, I’ve shown you mine, so what have you got?

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