Evil Teddy Bears on Parade

Posted: May 1, 2015 in Finished Miniatures, Malifaux, Wargaming
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Green Teddy1I painted this guy up for the Hobby Commitment Challenge the Malifaux sub-reddit is running . The challenge is to paint 10 soulstones worth of models every month. I managed to finish this guy up in one evening of painting while I was trying to figure out what to do for the second round of the Iron Painter contest. I am really happy with how quickly I was able to paint a model to this level; I definitely feel like I am improving as a painter!


Last week I mentioned that since I have my Daydreams painted red, green, and blue and I have Teddys painted red and blue, I should paint a Teddy green so that I have a matching set. Due to working on my round one Iron painter entry I had only built and primed this guy and finished his base; as I hadn’t decided on a paint scheme for this Teddy, the decision was quite obvious.

Green Teddy1 Green Teddy3

Green Teddy4 Green Teddy2

And here are all of my Teddys together with their DayDream buddies. I really love how vibrant these all look together.

Trio of Teddys

Teddys and Daydreams Blue Boys

Red Team Go Green!

I have already planned out what I will be painting as my May entry for the Malifaux sub-reddit Hobby Commitment Challenge, now I just need to take some before pictures and start painting!

I’m making solid progress on my Iron Painter entry for round two. If you haven’t check it out yet, you can take a look at what I am doing here. As you can see, my Iron Painter entry will fit in great with the nightmares I have running around here; a familiar face from here may even make an appearance in my sculpting!

Check back soon for more updates from my painting table!

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