An Iron Painter’s Quest, Episode 7: Nightmares of My Own Creation

Posted: May 4, 2015 in Hobby Projects, Iron Painter 2015, Malifaux, Works in progress
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There is less than a week left until entries for Round 2 of the Iron Painter contest are due. At this point last round I was much further along with my entry than I am now, but this round I decided that I needed to order a model I couldn’t find around here and on top of that I decided I needed to do custom sculpting and conversion on it to kick it up a notch for the Iron Painter. I suppose I did bring it up on myself…


As I mentioned in my last post in this series, this model didn’t require much in the way of clean up. It does have metal components though and those never fit together perfectly, so I had to do a little gap filling around some of the parts. Here’s a look at how the front side of this piece will look with all of the elements in place.

EndOfWorldWiP06 EndOfWorldWiP07

The back side of this model also has a really cool swirly portal of nightmares and doom, but I wanted to take it up a notch because this is Iron Painter and only the strongest hobbyists survive! I decided that I needed to have nightmares being actively spawned from this vortex of terror. I decapitated one of my spare Miss Ery models I have from Gen Con last year (don’t worry, I already have an idea for a cool future project to use the left over body parts) and sculpted it to look like it is being summoned into reality from the swirling nightmare. I have previously used a GW Pink Horror model as an Insidious Madness proxy and thought that the face of one of those models would work great as a wailing face emerging from the vortex;  I also sculpted a tongue for the Insidious Madness. The last little addition to the portal on the back of the wall was the hand of an unfortunate victim who has been sucked into the hellish vortex. I am really happy with how all of my sculpting turned out on this piece.

EndOfWorldWiP05 EndOfWorldWiP08 EndOfWorldWiP09
EndOfWorldWiP10 EndOfWorldWiP11

Once all of my sculpting was complete, I primed everything white using my new airbrush. With primer hiding the difference in color between the greenstuff I sculpted and the original model, I am quite happy at how it all blends together.

EndOfWorldWiP12 EndOfWorldWiP13

And now it’s time for some paint! Heres some step by step of the wood flooring. I’ve got a full tutorial on this how I made the wood flooring in the works that I should be putting up sometime shortly after this piece is finished.

WoodbaseTutorial11 WoodbaseTutorial12
WoodbaseTutorial13 WoodbaseTutorial14

The wood flooring is completed and I have most everything else at least started on; I definitely have a lot left to do on this piece, but I am happy with my progress so far. Here are a couple looks at where other portions of the model are at this point.

EndOfWorldWiP15 EndOfWorldWiP16

The one part of this model I do have finished is The Dreamer himself. I’m really happy with how he turned out.


Most of the parts of this piece that I require waiting on before moving on to the next step (e.g. greenstuff curing) have been completed, so hopefully I’ll be able to make some rapid process over the next few days. I am definitely feeling how much more ambitious this piece is than my piece for last round. At least I’m not waiting on more water effects…

To Episode 8: Hey Big Guy, The Sun’s Gettin’ Real Low…

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