An Iron Painter’s Quest, Episode 8: Hey Big Guy, The Sun’s Gettin’ Real Low…

Posted: May 7, 2015 in Iron Painter 2015, Malifaux, Works in progress
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I’ve been working hard on finishing off my round two entry for Iron Painter 2015 (although I did take a break to go see the Avengers movie). It’s almost time for a lullaby to put my Iron Painter round two entry to bed, but before then I still have a little work left to do. Soon I shall unleash my world of nightmares upon paintminion and amazonwarlord…


One of the coolest things I did with this model is that I made a cornea on the creepy eye on the back portal; I did this using the nail acrylic I use  to make my ice basing (check it out here if you’re not familiar with this technique). The eye ended up looking cool close up but it’s rather difficult to actually photograph. I also finished off the bed The Dreamer is riding on. I did a freehand stripe pattern to match the pattern I used on the pillow for my normal Dreamer (which you can check out here). Here’s a close-up on the cornea I did on the eye and a look at the finished bed along with some work in progress shots of the front and back of the doorway.

EndOfWorldWiP17 EndOfWorldWiP18
EndOfWorldWiP19 EndOfWorldWiP23
EndOfWorldWiP20 EndOfWorldWiP22

I really like how the colors turned out on the green swirls. Looking at the photo I took of the back portal I enjoy how the pop of color from the Insidious Madness’ tongue breaks up the swirls of bright green and adds some visual interest. I am definitely digging the dynamic feel of the back portal. Everything is coming along well and turning out how I envisioned it; at this point I just have to finish off highlighting on Lord Chompy Bits, do some detail work, and put together the final assembly. Oh yeah, and maybe try my hand at a little OSL if I’m feeling crazy. The next time you see this piece, it will be finished!

Watch out paintminion and amazonwarlord, my nightmares are coming for you!

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  1. Argentbadger says:

    Wow! I know the Iron Painter is only for really skilled painters (at least after round 1, I suppose) but the eyeball is a standout. You have a huge talent.

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