An Iron Painter’s Quest, Episode 14: Building Things Up To Tear Them Down

Posted: June 10, 2015 in Iron Painter 2015, Malifaux, Works in progress
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The third round of the Iron Painter 2015 competition has come and gone, leaving only a handful still in the competition. The third round was my first round amongst those who have been eliminated and I found it quite freeing to paint what I felt like and not worry about impressing the judges, which was convenient as I was rather tight on time to get my entry finished; were I still in the competition I would have worked myself to the bone to build up a more impressive diorama style piece, but time was against me and ultimately it was just a battle to put together something at all. Despite being eliminate from the competition, I am proud to be part of the small handful of eliminated competitors who still have enough iron in them to keep going; with approximately 200 eliminated painters, only about a dozen of us completed entries to show our metal. I suppose they call it Iron Painter for a reason… 


This round I have the full compliment of time and I don’t need to wait on models to ship to get started. The theme for Round 4 is “Made in Japan.” When I initially read the theme I honestly wasn’t a big fan of it, any idea I could come up with that fit the theme didn’t strike me as all that fun to paint. I thought something samurai could be fun to paint, but couldn’t find any readily available samurai models that I really liked. I thought that doing the new Brewmaster crew from Malifaux could be fun as it has drunken ninja gremlins, but none of my local stores had it in stock and who knows how long it will take to ship as it is the brand new box that everyone has been waiting almost two years for. Then my mind turned to Godzilla and I thought that perhaps I could put a delightful Malifaux twist on the Kaiju movie.

And thus my idea was born!

I decided that it would be fun to mess around with scale a little and create a diorama to make a Malifaux miniature look like it is the size of Godzilla. Teddys are some of the most iconic and fun models in the Malifaux range, so I thought one would be the perfect way to put a Wyrd twist on this classic genre. I have a spare Miss Ery Teddy model (the Miss model variation from Gen Con 2014) sitting around that I wasn’t planning on painting any time soon (I already have 2 other Miss Erys and a normal Teddy painted, and I have only played my Neverborn once so far), so I thought that would be the perfect model to use for this diorama. The plan is to make buildings from plasticard and foamcore at a scale with Epic 40k tanks, which I need to pick up from a friend this weekend. Putting those buildings and tanks next to a normal sized Teddy and BOOM!–you’ve got yourself a gigantic evil teddy bear tearing apart downtown!


The set up I have here is currently just a mock-up to get an idea of scale before I begin construction of the actual buildings Teddyzilla will be destroying. I found some printable buildings for other wargames that I will be using as templates to build my tiny city, I just need to pick up my Epic 40k tanks to determine what size the individual floors will be. While I wait to get my tiny tanks, I will get going on Teddyzilla. If I am feeling exceptionally ambitious, I am considering painting some sort of back drop for this diorama featuring Mt. Fuji.

Check back soon to see what sort of trouble I get myself into this round!

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