An Iron Painter’s Quest, Episode 18: Scientific Progress Goes Whoosh

Posted: July 3, 2015 in Iron Painter 2015, Malifaux, Works in progress
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Over the last few days I have been able to do a lot of work on my entry for the final round of Iron Painter 2015. I’ve even tried out some new techniques that ended up working out really well; you could even say I made a good progress, scientific progress…

While mocking up how I want the final positioning of this piece to look, I found that Collodi being suspended from puppet strings would look a little weird if he has no feet; I sculpted him some nice pointy feet out of greenstuff. He also needed and Earth to dangle from his puppet strings, so I sculpted an Earth out of a wooden bead and greenstuff.

OddityWiP04 OddityWiP05

I decided that what this piece needed was a nice looking starfield backgroud for the skeleton hand to hang from, but it needed to be heavy enough that the weight of the hand and Collodi model wouldn’t tip it forward. So, I broke out my rusty carpentry skills and fabricated this fun support structure. Once all of the parts were together, I did a final mock-up of how everything would hang because I don’t want to get this whole thing painted and then discover that the final assembly idea I have in my head won’t work at all. I’m really happy with how this all looks together (although in this photo it’s hard to see all of the strings as they are white thread against a white backdrop).

OddityWiP06 OddityWiP07

Once I was happy with how my mock-up looked, I disassembled everything and got to priming. Since I had my airbrush setup out to prime everything, I decided that I would try out something new and paint the starfield backdrop using my airbrush. I am over the moon (pun intended) with how well this turned out.

OddityWiP08 OddityWiP09

This was the first time I have tried actually doing more than basecoats with my airbrush and I am really excited at how well it turned out; apparently for me painting progress goes whoosh. I even did the scattered stars using the airbrush–as my airbrush is a double action airbrush, I released a bit of paint without any air behind it and then let out a puff of air to spatter the paint.

There is just over a week left until this piece is due, so it’s time to bring the iron and finish off this fun piece. Check back soon for more updates!

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