An Iron Painter’s Quest, Episode 19: The Final Countdown

Posted: July 6, 2015 in Iron Painter 2015, Malifaux, Works in progress
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The clock is ticking away and the due date is fast approaching for entries in the final round of the Iron Painter 2015 competition. It’s very nearly time for my space oddity to shoot to the stars!


Entries for the final round of Iron Painter are due this Sunday, July 12th, but the due date for me is a little bit closer than that as I have a wedding to attend this weekend. That means that I need to have everything painted, assembled, photographed, and edited together by Thursday night. Luckily, I was able to get quite a bit finished off over the holiday weekend. At this point I think I am ready for final assembly, although before I declare a piece finished I do like to let things sit overnight and then come back to look at them with a fresh pair of eyes to make certain there aren’t any time details I need to go back and touch up; after that I only need to string this entire thing together and figure out how to effectively photograph such a large piece…

Anyway, here are a couple of work in progress shots and finalized (maybe) photos at the bottom.

OddityWiP09 OddityWiP11
OddityWiP10 OddityWiP12

Looking at these photos the day after I took them I do have to say that I really like how they go together and that I am particularly proud of the Earth I made.

As always I have half a dozen other painting projects going, so hopefully I will have a few other pieces to show you soon–I’m trying to finish up a bunch of models I want to have finished for Gen Con (22 days away!). Check back soon to see all of these projects!

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