An Iron Painter’s Quest, Episode 20: Space Oddity

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Finished Miniatures, Iron Painter 2015
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Who pulls the strings which control us all?

With this piece I complete my epic quest to earn the title of Iron Painter. When I began this quest just over three months ago I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I must say that participating in Iron Painter 2015 was one of the best hobby related decisions I have ever made; I ended up painting pieces which I would have never been inspired to paint without this competition and used it to challenge myself as a miniatures painter. The end result is five finished pieces which are some of the best work I have ever done. The next time Iron Painter comes around I will most certainly throw my hat in the ring again, but I could definitely use a little rest first…


So enough waxing philosophical about how much I enjoyed the Iron Painter 2015 competition and how much it helped me grow as a miniatures artist, here’s a couple looks at the my final entry. I am thrilled at how well this piece turned out; from conception to execution, I feel like this is the best piece I did for Iron Painter 2015.

IMG_3967 H IMG_3985

And here are all five of my pieces together. Enjoy!



So my epic journey has concluded and the tale has been told. Thank you, dear readers, for following me on my quest to become an Iron Painter; while this journey has reached its conclusion, soon I will be making my annual pilgrimage to Gen Con and I will be posting a daily recap of the events.

There is much on my painting table which I still need to finish to be prepared for Gen Con, so this Iron Painter only has a brief rest and then it is back to the painting table for me. And rest assured, citizens of the internet, when the horns once again sound to call the bold, the brave, and the foolhardy to the painting table for the Iron Painter’s Quest I shall be there, brush in hand ready to charge headlong at whatever is thrown my way!

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