Rasputina is back!

Posted: July 23, 2015 in Finished Miniatures, Malifaux, Wargaming
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Earlier this week I posted some photos of my finished Gunsmith to fulfill my obligation of presenting a finished model to you all before Friday, July 24th. I’ve been informed by a good friend that since I finished the Gunsmith on Saturday, he is not counting my obligation as fulfilled as it was completed during last week and not this week. As I will be going to Gen Con with said friend, I had to hurry to finish up another model in time to avoid his scorn and derision; that means that today I present to you one of my favorite sculpts in Malifaux: the alternate model for Rasputina!


Most people who I play Malifaux with know that I am a dedicated follower of December (I think my love of cold weather may have something to do with it). This model is the old metal alternate sculpt for Rasputina. I really love the dynamic feel of this model and have been meaning to paint it for a while. Most of the time I actually end up running this model as a Silent One as those models aren’t out in plastic yet and the metal version are nearly impossible to find. Hopefully I will be able to find the right Wyrd employees at Gen Con to bribe to get my hands on some plastic Silent Ones soon (although Nathan did respond on the Wyrd forums to my offer of bribes saying that Silent Ones have been sculpted and sent for cuts and layout).

Anyway, I hope you like this model!

image image
image image

Now I just have a handful of models left to finish before my pilgrimage to the promised land. Admittedly they are rather important models as I intend to use them in the Henchman Hardcore tournament I will be playing in, so time to get them looking awesome! And because I am a glutton for punishment, I also added in an extra little project of a tournament transport board to carry my models around on at tournaments; hopefully this experiment with my airbrush will go as well as my last one went.

Speaking of tournaments, I will be playing in the Malifaux tournament at Space City Comic Con this weekend, so wish me luck! So between that tournament, finishing off my models for Gen Con, finishing off my tournament board, and getting ready for Gen Con I’m going to be a very busy bee until I head out to Gen Con. With all of this hobby work that I have to do, by now you all know the drill–shame, scorn, derision, etc. if I fail to deliver another finished model by some due date; this due date however is this coming Wednesday as that is when I begin the trek up to Gen Con!

Check back soon for I will have a lot coming for you all very soon!

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