Guslado Goes to Gen Con 2015: Day 2

Posted: August 1, 2015 in Board Games, Gen Con 2015, Wargaming
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Day Two of Gen Con 2015 has come and gone and what day it was! Some much gaming, so much fun, so much awesome!


Our band of adventurers grew by one today as a friend from back in Houston made it up to Indy to join in the fun. With our resounding success at obtaining our must have rush items, we were able to relax and watch the rush from a safe distance; when viewed from above the initial rush at the opening really looks like videos I have seen of a tsunami rolling in. We also didn’t have any events scheduled today until 8 in the evening, so we spent the entire day running around the exhibit hall floor demoing new games. I will get to more thorough reviews when I do my full Gen Con wrap up, but it is rather late and I need some rest if I am to survive my adventures tomorrow.

The one event we did have scheduled today is always one of the fastest selling events at Gen Con: the AEG Big Game Night! Effectively this event had every game AEG makes available to try out and then at the end of the evening you get an epic swag bag with lots of cool new games and a few exclusive goodies. The highlight game we tried out was Junta; in this game you get to play the president of a banana republic and his cadre of generals. It’s a game of political wheeling and dealing, followed by a quick little game of Risk when someone decides it’s time for a coup. This game was quickly added to our must buy lists, but in the best surprise of Gen Con we each found a copy of this game in our swag bags!

So, here are a few photos of the awesomeness that today held:

Tomorrow will be a far more event-filled day for me as I will be competing in a Malfaux Henchman Hardcore format tournament in the morning, taking a airbrushing class in the afternoon, trying my painting hand in the Wyrd Miniatures Speed Painting contest in the early evening, and then taking part in the A Wyrd Place group meetup. Hopefully I’ll still manage to squeeze in a few demos of new games. Tonight was a much later night at the convention center than yesterday, so it’s time to hit the hay to keep my strength up.

Come back tomorrow to see what happened on the third day of Gen Con!

My adventures continue at Guslado Goes to Gen Con 2015: Day 3

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