Guslado Goes to Gen Con 2015: Day 4

Posted: August 3, 2015 in Board Games, Gen Con 2015, Wargaming
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And with that another Gen Con has come and gone! Gen Con 2015 is in the books and what a time it was!


The best four days in gaming are now behind us–everyone is exhausted and half-hoarse (not to be confused with half-horse, I didn’t see any centaur cosplayers this year), but thoroughly satisfied. Today was a day to hit those last few booths I didn’t get a chance to stop by, do the last of my shopping for friends back home, do a little speed painting, and browse the art exhibits to find some nice art to hang on the walls of my hobby room.

As I mentioned yesterday I qualified for the finals of the Wyrd Miniatures speed painting competition; I didn’t end up placing in this final round, but I did get the new plastic alternate sculpt Kaeris out of the contest. The contest was a lot of fun to participate in as everyone involved was really cool. Many thanks go to my wonderfy wife for taking lots of photos of the proceedings of the speed painting finals. The organizers of the event try to distract the competitors throughout by talking to us, randomly singing (which many of us competitors joined in on), and making announcements like “10 minutes!!…      …     …You have used 10 minutes” to mess with us. And of course during the course of the competition Angel Giraldez, the painter whose airbrushing class I took yesterday, swung by to check out what was going on; I swear that’s really not intimidating at all, really…

I also got to demo some fun new games, picked up a nice belt for Ren Faire, and finally made it into the Fantasy Flight Games store to pick up a few X-Wing models for friends; having finally browsed the games booths to my heart’s content I found some really cool art prints.

As Sunday is the short day of Gen Con this gallery is a bit shorter than the previous days, so here’s a look at the adventures for the day:

I’m back home now and dead exhausted. Unfortunately for me it is back to reality and work tomorrow; hopefully I will have a  voice for work and won’t be struck down by the Con-Crud. I will be taking a couple of days to recover from Gen Con 2015, after which I will post a full post-mortem on the convention. I hope you enjoyed my posts here half as much as I enjoyed myself at the convention and that I inspired you to make the pilgrimage to Gen Con and take part in the best four days of gaming!

I wrap my adventures up at Guslado Goes to Gen Con 2015: Final Wrap Up

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