WiPWednesday 9-9 #1

Last week I said I would be starting a tradition of making every Wednesday “Work in Progress Wednesday”, so I have made sure to come through for you all because I know that deep down your week wouldn’t be complete without seeing what I have been working on. I must say that it is a pleasure to bring some light to the darkness that is your life.


I spend much of the last week finishing up the Avatar of Famine, which I showed you yesterday, so that I could get it to the gaming table. I’ve also been working on a lot of assembly of new Malifaux models as well as a commission 40k Forge World piece. I also cleaned and organized my hobby room in preparation for some sewing tables we will be picking up from a friend’s place this weekend. Yup, I sew; I had to take a costuming class for my degree in theatre and I occasionally use those skills to make something, usually Halloween or Ren Faire costumes and the occasional dice bag. Here’s a little gallery of a few of the projects I’ve been working on:

It’s looking like I should be able to get a bunch of work done this weekend, so I will hopefully have some more finished models to show you soon and more works in progress for next Wednesday. Check back soon for a new board game review I am working on!

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