Rapier and Dagger Wall Plaques!

Posted: January 12, 2016 in Random Geekery
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Sword Plaque 3

Here is my most recently completed project: custom wall plaques for my rapier and dagger from my Ren Faire garb! While this isn’t really gaming related, I figure this is the sort of random geekery which most anyone who would be here for my gaming posts would enjoy.

I searched for a while for a good way to mount my rapier and dagger on the wall for display, but I could only find wall mounts for non-basket hilted swords; most sword mounts are essentially two sturdy pegs an inch or two long which mount to the wall or a plaque. While this works great for daggers and longswords of most varieties which are effectively two-dimensional, basket or swept-hilt swords are more three-dimensional in profile and require much longer supports. To properly mount my rapier on the wall I found that I would need supports that were at least four inches long and I couldn’t find any sword hangers that long; it was time to make my own mount! Since I couldn’t find much on the internet about how to make a rapier wall mount, I though I should share my method with the world.

I decided that as long as I was making custom mounts for my rapier and dagger, I should display them on wall plaques instead of simply mounting them directly to the wall. I traced around my rapier and dagger to make it easier to measure; I also figured it would be less awkward to take full-sized sketches of my blades to the craft store than bringing an actual sword with me. Once I found matching plaques which I thought looked good with my blades, I prepared the mounting hardware. For the dagger I used two 2 1/2″ wood screws mounted directly to the plaque (after pilot drilling the holes). Creating the rapier mount required a bit more hardware than the dagger mount; I mounted two T-nuts into the plaque and threaded 1/4″ by 5″ carriage bolts into those (the bolt holes go through the entire thickness of the board for extra stability). I mounted the plaques to the wall using 50 lb. anchors (two on the rapier plaque for extra stability due to the swords long length) with the mounting holes going through the thickness of the plaque. I also countersunk the mounting holes so the mounting screws wouldn’t protrude from the face of the display plaque.

I test mounted everything to the wall to make sure I didn’t need to adjust anything, then took everything down and cleaned it up to prep it for finishing. I removed the carriage bolts for staining, but left the T-nuts and screws in the plaques. I stained the plaques with two coats a stain/polyurethane mix with a rubdown of fine steel-wool in between coats. Once the plaques had completely dried I covered the screws and carriage bolts with some scrap micro-suede fabric I had sitting around, leaving enough of the threads of the carriage bolts un-upholstered to thread them into the T-nuts. I covered the ends of the bolts and screws and then wrapped their shafts enough times with fabric to pad them to prevent damage to the rapier and dagger, but still have the bolt/screw heads keep them from slipping forward off of the pegs; I secured the fabric with hot glue. Once glue had cooled down, I threaded the bolts back into the plaque and remounted both plaques on the wall. I hope this helps anyone else who wants to hang a swept hilt rapier on their wall. If you have any questions about this project, don’t hesitate to ask!

I am really happy with how the display plaques turned out, they make a great addition to my nerd room! Here are a couple more looks at the finished product:

If I add more swords to my collection (let’s be honest, knowing me that’s more of a when than an if) I will definitely make custom mounts for them as well–the entire process ended up being quite simple and only took a few hours (not counting drying time for the stain). Now that I’ve posted this, I have the feeling that a few of my Ren Faire going friends may also be looking to display their swords on the wall too…

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