This Six-Limbed Bear Just Wants A Hug

Posted: February 7, 2016 in Finished Miniatures, Malifaux, Wargaming
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Mauler #4

Coming from the frozen mountains north of Malifaux city, this Slate Ridge Mauler is truly fearsome predator, but deep down he really just wants to give you a hug; with four arms, it’s fair to say that he’s twice as good at giving hugs as your average bear!


This Slate Ridge Mauler is the latest edition to Marcus’ Mangificent Menagerie. I picked up the new plastic sculpt of this bear during Wyrd’s Black Friday sale and must say that it was a joy to build and paint. For the basing, I used a rock I found in my garden and the rock from the plastic Nekima kit (I had it sitting around spare as I have my Nekima mounted on a cobblestone base). This bad boy hasn’t hit the table yet, so I don’t know how he works out in-game, but I hope he plays half as well as I think he looks. I hope you like him too!

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  1. Whoa man he is so cool. The paint effect on the fur is spot on. What a fearsome model. Well done man

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