Work in Progress Wednesday 2-10-16: The World is Coming Together

Posted: February 10, 2016 in Wargaming, Work in Progress Wednesday, Works in progress
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WiPWednesd 2-10

I’ve had quite the productive week, so I have a fair amount to show you for Work in Progress Wednesday this week (although only had time to snap the one picture). If you checked here earlier this week I showed off the Slate Ridge Mauler I finished up and I have my Guild Arcanist Hounds finished to a point where they are very nearly finished, so I won’t be showing you any more of them until the finished reveal. Other than those projects, I got quite a bit done on a few other projects.

As I have been loving running dogs with Marcus, I have decided that my Canine Remains will be the next Malifaux models I will finish off after the Guild Arcanist Hounds; I just started in on the details for them. The Sigismund model I am painting on commission for a friend is coming along nicely. It is honestly an intimidatingly detailed model that I really don’t want to mess up, but I feel like I have finally gotten over the hump on that one and am making some great progress on all the little details that make is such a cool model. On the terrain front I have basecoating and initial highlights done on the main portions of the buildings, trees, and forest floors I’m working on, so it’s time to move on to the details. I also obtained a nail polish rack this week to store/organize my paints and clear up some work space on my hobby desk and I love how much easier it is to find the paint I need and then keep my desk from being cluttered by leaving too many paints sitting out instead of putting them back into the drawers I previously stored them in; I also started transferring my GW paints over to dropper bottles to extend their lives and to make mixing/thinning paints more efficient.

Something else that I am ridiculously excited about is the Kickstarter for “Corrupted Kingdoms” from Artana games which launched today. I wanted to share this Kickstarter with you all since I thought it would interest most anyone who’s interested in this blog. I am in no way involved with this Kickstarter other than backing it and really hoping it funds. I’ve been waiting for this to launch since I demoed it back in August during day 2 of Gen Con; it was one of my favorite games I tried out there. Go check it out and back it, you won’t be disappointed!

What have you been working on?


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