Arcanist Hounds!

Posted: February 14, 2016 in Finished Miniatures, Malifaux, Wargaming
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Hounds #10

Many philosophers over the years have posited answers to the immortal question, “Who let the dogs out?” I am here to tell you that it was, in fact, Marcus who let the dogs out. Marcus has released these Guild Hounds from their enslavement by the corrupt Guild and welcomed them to the freedom that comes with membership in Marcus’ Magnificent Menagerie; they shall henceforth be known as Arcanist Hounds!


The more I run these pups in games, the more I love them; they might not be the most fearsome of beasts, but they can be quite surprising when they unexpectedly jump into the fray. They also have crazy mobility, so I find I use them more as a flanking force and scheme runners. My favorite moment with them so far is when one managed to finish off a Mature Nephilim by ripping out its throat with severe damage despite being on a negative flip. For such an impressive feat, I decided that he had earned himself a name; he is now known as Cujito (I initially called him Cujo, but the friend I was playing said that he’s too tiny to called Cujo).

Out of game these guys are just as great–all four have great, dynamic poses and where lots of fun to paint. I base most of my out of faction beasts to match the faction they originally came from or the geographic region in Malifaux they could be found in; as the Guild tend to have a very wild west feel to many of their models, decided that parched, cracked earth would look good with these pups. I am really happy with how these pups turned out and I hope you like them too.

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