Work in Progress Wednesday 2-17-16: Details!

Posted: February 17, 2016 in Malifaux, Wargaming, Warhammer 40k, Work in Progress Wednesday, Works in progress
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WiPWednesday 2-17 #1

Once again Wednesday has arrived and with it comes the time to share what’s been on your painting table over the last week–it’s Work in Progress Wednesday! This week for me has been all about details; I have several projects  that are to the detailing stage and looking great so far.


As you’ve seen the last couple of weeks, I’ve been solid on my goal to finish more projects. That being said, I have a few projects to show you today that are nearing completion.

So, many things nearing completion, many more projects that I want to get started on. The Canine Remains will definitely be finish before this weekend (I need them finished for a tournament on Saturday) and most of the terrain should be done shortly thereafter. Next week’s Work in Progress Wednesday will probably include some looks at Sigismund’s base as I get closer to finishing him.

I always end my Work in Progress Wednesday posts with the question “what are you working on?” and I genuinely want to know what’s been on your painting table; I’ve found that not only does making sure I have something to share with you each week inspires me to get more painting done, but seeing what other people have been working on is always a great inspiration for me to paint more. I encourage you to post something in the comments about what you’ve been working on this week, links to photos or blogs of your own are encouraged, but it can even just be a quick description of what progress you’ve made in your hobby this week.

So I ask, genuinely hoping for an answer, what have you been working on?

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  1. Fantastic!! Those old west buildings are awesome. Nice work mate. In answer to your question I am still, but very slowly, working on an Imperial Guard Bastion/fortress. 🙂

  2. Ryan Cruz says:

    I’ve been motivated to paint a lot of Malifaux in the last week, and have worked on a Desolation Engine, 3 Waifs, Mechanical Rider, Freikorpsmann and Hodgepodge Effigy. This is more work than I’ve done in the last year for Malifaux, all crammed into one week!

    If you’re interested in checking out my progress I’ll be putting up a new update soon:

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