An Iron Painter’s Quest 2016, Episode 3: I Suppose It Needs Some Paint

Posted: March 22, 2016 in Iron Painter 2016
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In a painting competition it’s generally agreed that there needs to be some paint on the model, so I guess it’s about time that actually I put some paint on my round 1 Iron Painter entry seeing as we are a little more than a week into the competition…


To start things off on the painting front I first needed to prime things up and then figure out how to get the effect I wanted. To do this I primed the entire piece black and then set to taking some reference photos of what the piece looks like when lit with a only spotlight in the direction the streetlight would cast light. This gave me something to go back to when I started doing the directional lighting later. Once I had my references, I proceeded to use my airbrush to gradually lay down the shading for where the light will be. I’m really happy with the results!

This is the largest scale piece I have down with directional lighting and I am really happy with the results; it’s definitely a technique I will be adding to my arsenal for future pieces. Now it’s time to start in glazing things and hope that I don’t mess up the effect I achieved here. Check back soon for more progress!

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  2. Argentbadger says:

    My goodness, that looks amazing. Either that or your photography light is extraordinarily bright and I’m just imagining all the work you must be putting in.

    • gusladogames says:

      In the first couple of photos it is my photography light, in the later ones it is done completely with paint. The ones with the light were taken first to refer to as I painted in the light so that I could make sure it looked correct.

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