Work in Progress Wednesday 3-30-16: No Rest For The Wicked

Posted: March 30, 2016 in Work in Progress Wednesday, Works in progress
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WiPWednesday 3-30 #1

I finished my first round Iron Painter entry and am waiting on the judging results to determine what tier I’ll be competing in and what the round 2 theme is, but that doesn’t mean I’m just resting on my laurels–there’s always painting to do!!! This means that it’s time to keep your butts in gear and show off what you’ve been working on because it’s Work in Progress Wednesday!!!


During the Iron Painter competition many of the entrants express that they have a certain amount of “painting paralysis” outside of their competition pieces; because the themes for the rounds are kept secret until they begin, many of the competitors don’t want to start on a model only to find out that it’s the perfect model for the theme and now they can’t use it because they already started on it. This is where my hobby A.D.D. finally comes in handy! I always have dozens of ongoing projects on the back burner which can’t be used for Iron Painter because I already started them. Don’t get me wrong–I’m not going to start on a model that’s waiting to be built, but it’s a great chance to force myself to finish projects I’ve been meaning to finish up for a while but that I got sidetracked on for one reason or another. So all of the models you see here today (except for one) are ones that I really want to finish up so that I can get them to the tabletop!

That other model is for a painting challenge put together by my good friends on the FlippinJokers Podcast. For various reasons they don’t have the time to commit to the Iron Paint competition, but felt like they should get in on the spirit of it by doing their own painting challenge with looser time restrictions (Aluminum Painter perhaps?); when I guested on a recording of their podcast a week or two ago they asked me to take part in the challenge as well. As their deadline for the first round is April 1st, they decided to have the theme be “Don’t Be Fooled.” We are to all use a model from the Wyrd multi-part kit so that it’s not a model we care too terribly much about. Also, the caveat of the theme is that the model is supposed to appear painted from one side and unpainted from the other side. Being incredibly busy, I only just started painting my entry for this last night, and you can see what I have so far below:

I am hoping to get a bunch of work done between now and when the next theme for Iron Painter is announced (which should be this coming Monday). At least I have several models to a point where I can work on them a little bit at a time as I wait for parts to dry/cure/etc. on whatever my next Iron Painter entry is. I also have just two days to finish off my entry for the FlippinJokers painting challenge, so hopefully that will turn out like it looks in my head. I’ll share it with you once I’ve finished it off.

What have you been working on?

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