Insidious Madnesses!

Posted: April 1, 2016 in Finished Miniatures, Malifaux, Wargaming
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Just in case you didn’t know, today is April Fool’s Day; this year I thought I should provide some respite from the madness of the internet by bringing you some much needed sanity. Just listen to the comforting whispers of my new friends and everything will be okay…


These are Insidious Madnesses from the Neverborn faction in Malifaux. They are your new best friends and would never try to drive you crazy with their maddening, insane whispers. All the things they say should be believed, they have your best interests in mind.

I have recently been working on learning to play The Dreamer and these are just the friends he needs to bring play time to a tabletop near you!

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  1. Chris says:

    Are these the new plastic models? They look a lot bigger than I thought they were! I was expecting them to be on par with the Daydreams (scale wise). Pretty sweet model though, I really enjoy Nightmare models being painted in brighter schemes.

    • gusladogames says:

      Yup, those are the new plastic ones. Glad you like the color scheme; I figure that since I bring them out mostly when the Dreamer summons them, they are the manifestations of a child’s mind so I feel like they would come out in bright colors. Also, I think the bright, happy colors are a nice counterpoint to their nightmare nature.

  2. Chris Rivers says:

    How do you do the drool between the teeth?

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