FlippinJokers Painting Challenge

Posted: April 8, 2016 in Finished Miniatures, Malifaux
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I mentioned a little while back that I was asked to participate in a painting challenge being conducted by some friends who produce a Malifaux podcast called FlippinJokers. I just realized that I never actually posted the finished piece anywhere publicly visible. So here it is!


When I guested on a recording of the FlippinJokers Podcast a few weeks ago they asked me to take part in a painting challenge they’re conducting. As their deadline for the first round was April 1st, they decided to have the theme be “Don’t Be Fooled.” We all used a model from the Wyrd multi-part kit so that it wasn’t a model we cared too terribly much about. Also, the caveat of the theme was that the model was supposed to appear painted from one side and unpainted from the other side.

I decided to use this as an opportunity to do a bit of a study in painting a model so that it looks like it is completely in the dark and only lit by a fire. I saw the head with a mask on and the Molotov cocktail in the multi-part kit and decided to have a member of the M&SU taking part in the riots against the Guild that have been described in some of the background stories of the game. Due to Iron Painter I only really had two days to paint this model up, so it was definitely a rush job but I’m really happy with how it turned out and I learned a lot for how to do something similar in the future. I hope you like it:

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