An Iron Painter’s Quest 2016, Episode 13: More Pink Foam!

Posted: May 17, 2016 in Iron Painter 2016
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General busyness in life persists, which means that on failed to update you all on how I ended up faring in the Round 3 of the Iron Painter competition. Good news everyone! I advanced! In a very tight decision I managed to defeat the wonderful SnickerSnackStudios with a score of 42 to 36 and advance to the fourth round of the Iron Painter competition as an ongoing competitor in the Bronze tier. In a crazy twist of fate I somehow pulled in the 2nd highest score in the Bronze tier and my opponent pulled in the highest score of those eliminated; due to a few drop-outs in the Silver tier, the highest score in the Bronze tier was moved up to the Silver tier for the next round and SnickerSnackStudios was thrown back into bronze tier contention due to her having the highest eliminated score, which is great because she really deserves to keep going in the competition.

Anyway, why you’re really here is to know what the next round holds–the theme for Round 4 of the Iron Painter 2016 painting competition is Armed and Dangerous!

Upon learning the theme, my mind was flooded with dozens of potential ideas–as most of these miniatures are for wargames, they tend to be dangerous figures who more often than not are armed. After a good amount of internal debate, I got a great idea that actually comes from the lore of Malifaux itself. I’m playing this one a little close to the chest right now while I try to get my hands on the models I need, but I was able to get started on the base for the piece I will be (hopefully) entering for the fourth round of Iron Painter. With my trusty hot-wire foam cutter I’m armed and dangerous (at least to pink foam); apparently my Iron Painter this year is sponsored by pink extruded polystyrene. Here’s what I managed to throw together last night:

As this piece progresses, I will keep you updated on how it’s looking. Check back soon to see who it is will willed armed and dangerous in my pink-foam cave.

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