An Iron Painter’s Quest 2016, Episode 14: Plastic Surgery

Posted: May 20, 2016 in Iron Painter 2016
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Sometimes you need to cut things apart to make them better; that kind of plastic surgery is exactly what I needed to do to get things exactly how I want them for my Round 4 Iron Painter entry.

In my previous post I mentioned that the idea for my entry for the fourth round of the 2016 Iron Painter competition actually comes from the official lore of the Malifaux universe; I decided to present one of my favorite scenes from Malifaux’s lore from one of my favorite stories of Malifaux. The scene I’m presenting in my diorama is from the story “Cold Hearted” in the Twisting Fates book in which Rasputina freezes Joss to the wall of a cave and then shatters his arm like glass. There’s certainly more to the story, but I’ll let you read it for yourself (or give it a listen in episode 25 of the Breachside Broadcast). Anyone who knows my preferences can tell you that these are some of my favorite characters in the game, so I really look forward to making a tableau from such a cool story.

In my previous post I showed you the beginnings of the cave this confrontation will take place in, now I have my hands on the stars of the scene: Rasputina and Joss. The modifications that needed to be made to Joss’ model are rather obvious–his current plastic model has a mechanical right arm due to the results of this meeting, so I had to take him back in time a bit by removing his mechanical arm and sculpting on the parts of his original arm that weren’t shattered by Rasputina. I also needed to modify his positioning slightly so that he’s posed as though trapped against a wall and not standing. Luckily the story mentions that Joss had lost his coat, so I didn’t need to sculpt him one.

Rasputina was a different matter all together. The story makes it clear that despite the freezing conditions of the cave, she’s bare-shouldered and impervious to the cold which would incapacitate most; the description in the story make her outfit sound very similar to those of the Silent Ones. As none of the sculpts available for Rasputina really match that description, I decide to make my own using the female multi-part kit with some greenstuff additions. So, here’s what I have so far:

I’m really excited about this diorama. Once my sculpts are cured I will be finalizing the layout of the scene and then it’ll be time to get everything primed up! Check back soon to see how everything is coming along!

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  2. Argentbadger says:

    Nice idea, I look forward to seeing how this takes shape. But I would say that Joss looks very happy considering he’s about to lose a limb.

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