Posted: June 17, 2016 in Malifaux, Wargaming
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This last weekend I went to Califaux, my first large, out-of-town Malifaux tournament and I had an absolute blast! This post is a short recap of my experience there (and a bit of a photo-dump).


Califaux 2016 took place at Game Kastle in Mountain View, CA and I must say that I’m impressed with how awesome this store is–such a great space for events and the best selection of boardgames, miniatures, and hobby supplies I have ever seen at a FLGS. Califaux is run by the founder of the A Wyrd Place Facebook group, the famous Crissy! This weekend was a great opportunity to finally meet face-to-face with few of the other admins from AWP that I’ve spent so much time chatting with (oh, did I never mention here that I’m an admin on AWP now?).

Several of us visitors to the area also rented a Crashpad to stay at for the weekend and had a blast chilling and talking games. I was also not the only member of the Houston Malifaux scene to make it out to Califaux this year–there ended up being four of us out there and we made a very strong showing. Members of the Houston crew took first and second in Friday night’s Henchman Hardcore tourney, the same two both qualified in the top 12 to make the final Masters tourney, and one of those also ended up taking 2nd place overall! Also, Houston took first and second in the painting contest. Houston Malifaux: great gaming, great painting!

I ended up finishing middle of the pack in the tournament, but still had a great time. My ranking didn’t get any favors from the fact that after winning my first two games, I ended up having to play the eventual first and second place finishers (which ended up being close games). The highlight of the tournament for me was during my game against the eventual winner of the whole tournament–we were both playing Arcanists, him with Colette and me with Marcus. We both brought Myranda in our crews and I told him from the get go that Marcus was going to make him pay for bringing the fake Myranda along (because clearly mine was the real one). On the second turn of the game Marcus decided it was time to punish the pretender and proceeded to cast Alpha on the false Myranda, thereby gaining control of her for an activation during which I ran her to the corner of the board where I used her shapechange ability to turn her into a Jackalope. For those not familiar with Malifaux, once per game Myranda can shapeshift into any Arcanist beast she wants too (usually a giant, badass, 3-headed sabertooth tiger) but because I had taken control of her I changed her into a tiny, boarder-line useless bunny. As my opponent did not have the model of said Jackalope at his disposal, I told him he could use my Jackalope model and the accompanying card; as the model did not belong to him (and because he really didn’t want to run it) we had to get a TO ruling that it was ok for him to use a model that did not belong to him so long as I was ok loaning it to him (which of course I was). The final ruling was handed down by one of the game developers of Malifaux, Justin Gibbs (who happened to be stopping by the tournament). It’s not often you get to pull off such an evil move with the express approval of someone who designed the game. I may not have won the game, but I will forever remember that moment.

Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures of the weekend:

I can’t say it enough what a great time I had at Califaux; I hope to make it back in the future. It wasn’t just a great tournament, but a great chance to meet a lot of cool people and see how their meta differs from that of Houston.

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