An Iron Painter’s Quest 2016, Episode 21: Iron Painter Wrap-Up

Posted: July 7, 2016 in Iron Painter 2016
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Iron Painter 2016 finished up a little over a week ago, but I was out of town on vacation when it did so I didn’t have a chance to post any kind of wrap up. I’ve finally gotten caught up on everything from while I was out of town and figure I ought to actually post a wrap-up for Iron Painter.


After making it through four rounds of Iron Painter and still being in the competition at the Bronze level, I was defeated by my opponent Erebi (who also ended up painting some Forge World models on a homemade mountain); while it would have been nice to win my match-up, my opponent is a fantastic painter whose paint job was much better than mine. Having seen Erebi’s previous pieces, I was not surprised or disappointed by the results. I ended up with a score right in the middle of the remaining bronze competitors and now have my shiny new forum badge which denotes that I made it all the way through the competition.

I am quite happy with how all of my entries turned out this year; below I have a gallery of all of my Iron Painter entries from last year and this year and you can see a marked improvement in my painting over time. Of course, now my display case is getting rather full of dioramas so I may need to get some more room to display models soon…

I crunched a few numbers from the Iron Painter competition and thought I’d share those with you:

206 people signed up for the competition, Round 1 had 154 entries, Round 2 had 129 entries, Round 3 had 73 entries, Round 4 had 54 entries, and Round 5 had 41 entries.

So that means there was only of drop off of 52 who signed up but didn’t complete an entry (for an impressive 74.8% completion rate amongst those who signed up).

Of those who completed a Round 1 entry, only 25 didn’t complete a Round 2 entry (or a completion rate of about 83.8%).

Of the 129 participants who completed a Round 2 entry, 56 participants didn’t complete a Round 3 entry (for a completion rate of about 56.6%).

Of the 73 participants who completed a Round 3 entry, 19 participants didn’t complete a Round 4 entry, which means the round-to-round completion rate for Round 4 was 73.9%.

Of the 54 participants who completed a Round 4 Entry, 13 participants didn’t complete a Round 5 entry, which means the round-to-round completion rate for Round 5 was 75.9%.

26.6% of those who completed something in Round 1 also completed something in Round 5 (and only 19.9% of those who signed up for the competition ended up finishing something for Round 5).

Here’s a fun little side-by-side comparison of Iron Painter 2015 and 2016 had the following number of entries:

Iron Painter 2015                                Iron Painter 2016

Round 1: 158                                        Round 1: 154

Round 2: 62                                          Round 2: 129

Round 3: 34                                          Round 3: 73

Round 4: 27                                          Round 4: 54

Round 5: 20                                          Round 5: 41

With all of the entries in, we can now evaluate the efficacy of making the first round a seeding round and then having the 3 tiered system of head-to-head competition. Round 1 entry numbers were nearly identical, but for each following round the numbers of entries in 2016 are approximately double those of 2015 (with round 4 and 5 actually being exactly double that of last year!). It’s really cool to see more people sticking with the competition even later into the competition. Another difference between this year and last was that there were no 3-way matchups; I think the option to reseed and resurrect ELIM participants to keep everyone in head-to-head matchups was a solid move.

I really hope that in the next Iron Painter competition Wyrd decides to keep the tiered system, it did a really great job of keeping the competition exciting right up until the end. I of course have the goal of once again completing an entry in all the rounds of the next Iron Painter competition and if the tiered system is carried over into the next competition I have the goal of being seeded into the Silver tier next time around.

Now that I’ve taken a couple of weeks off from painting, I suppose I should go pick my brush up again and get back to painter, after all the Gen Con painting competition is coming up…

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  2. Congratulations on getting so far. I enjoyed following your progress.

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