Guslado Goes to Gen Con 2016: Day 4

Posted: August 7, 2016 in Board Games, Gen Con 2016, Wargaming
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Today was the fine day of Gen Con 2016 and it was a great wrap-up to a great con!

Sunday at Gen Con is a shorter day, so that means today is a bit of a shorter wrap-up. I started the day out by doing a run the True Dungeon. I would love to show you all the cool stuff in side the dungeon, but they don’t allow photos inside the dungeon to avoid spoilers; this was my second time doing True Dungeon and I had a blast again. Our party managed to all make it through every room in the dungeon.

After my True Dungeon run I hit up the hall to demo to try out the last few games that were on my list to try out. I also headed over to the art show to find some more art for my hobby room.

So, here are photos from our days’ adventures:

As I am completely exhausted after four days of craziness and posting from a semi-sketchy hotel in the middle of no where, I’m going to wrap things up for now. Once I’m back home and have some time to decompress, I’ll post a final Gen Con wrap up with some more in-depth reviews of the games I tried out. Check back soon to see the final wrap-up!

Guslado Goes to Gen Con 2016: Final Wrap Up

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