Work in Progress Wednesday 8-17-16: New Toys!

Posted: August 17, 2016 in Work in Progress Wednesday, Works in progress

WiPWednesday 8-17 #1

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s Work in Progress Wednesday! Time to show off what you’ve got on your hobby table!


For Work in Progress Wednesday this week I have mostly been building my new shiny prizes from Gen Con. Over the weekend I built my Morticians team for Guild Ball and got in my first full game; it was tons of fun, but I definitely have a lot to learn. I also played my first game with the new Arcanist master Sandeep (as I hadn’t built him yet, I proxied most of the crew). The game with Sandeep turned out to be a lot of fun, so his crew was the first of my Malifaux models from Gen Con which I decided to build–now I just need to figure out exactly how I want to base them. I also assembled the latest additions to Marcus’ Magnificent Menagerie, Corrupted Hounds! Both of the new Malifaux kits which I have built since Gen Con were really well made–great sculpts and very easy to put together. Wyrd’s models were already great, but they have really stepped up the quality on how they part out their kits.

Hopefully sometime during the week I’ll figure out how exactly I want to base Sandeep and friends. I definitely want to tie into their academic theme so I’m contemplating having some books scattered about the ground, I just need to figure out what exactly the ground beneath said books will be. Check back soon to see what I end up doing!

What have you been working on?


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