Work in Progress Wednesday 8-24-16: Build All Of The Things!!!

Posted: August 24, 2016 in Work in Progress Wednesday, Works in progress
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WiP Wed 8-24 #01

Once again it’s the middle of the week, which means that it’s Work in Progress Wednesday!! This week I see if five different games can coexist on one hobby table!


This week I’ve been working entirely on building some of the new models I recently picked up at Gen Con. On my table I have Malifaux, Guild Ball, Arena Rex, Warhammer 30K, and AVP! Having picked up these new games, I want to get them at least ready to put on the table for a game even if I don’t get started on painting everything right away.

Just slightly less than a year ago I decided to try to make Work in Progress Wednesday a new hobby tradition; I did this with the purpose of motivating myself and my fellow hobbyists to get more hobbying done every week. While I was on the road to Gen Con there were people in the A Wyrd Place Facebook group giving me a good natured ribbing for not having my WiP Wednesday post up by around lunchtime (I posted a picture of me and my road trip crew waiting for lunch while we were on the road because that was the progress I had made that week). Last night I was asked by the founders of the Hobby Hangout Facebook group to do an official weekly Work in Progress Wednesday post in the group to motivate everyone in the community to work more and to keep everyone’s WiP photos consolidated together (gotta keep the group page clean and organized!) So you know what that means? My goal of making a new hobby tradition worked–Work in Progress Wednesday is officially a thing!!! I hope these posts have helped you get as hobbying done as they have helped me, and now that we have this ball rolling, let’s keep it going!

So of course that means it’s time for you to answer the weekly question: what have you been working on?

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