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Posted: September 11, 2016 in Malifaux, Wargaming
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Austin Malifaux #4

Yesterday I drove up to Austin for a Malifaux tournament up in Austin; the tournament took place at the fantastic Dragon’s Lair and was run by the local henchman Robert. Robert is definitely doing something right up in Austin as not only was it a fantastic tournament, but it managed to pull in 19 participants!


One of my favorite things about traveling to a tournament is meeting cool people and seeing how people play the game differently in different metas. It was also a refreshing tournament as Robert announced a special prize for the top ranking player who used one of the new masters from the recently released Ripples of Fate book; as the painting requirement for this tournament was waived, I decided to run Sandeep, the new Arcanist master, for the entire tournament. As I am intending to paint his and the rest of his crew’s base with a marble effect I don’t have them attached to their bases, so I used a little handy tack to stick the corks they are attached to onto bases–it may have looked a little silly, but it worked. Here are a few pictures of the day’s events (my round-by-round breakdown is after the gallery):

The first round of the tournament I faced off against John playing the Brewmaster. I have never played against Brewie before and didn’t know entirely want to expect. What did happen was Sandeep got off a couple well time summons early before the Brewmaster got him drunk and made him wildly ineffective; ultimately Sandeep’s crew did most of the work and pulled out a 9-6 victory even after Sandeep was removed from the game in a drunken stupor.

The second round I played against Brandon, one of the guys I see in Houston on a regular basis, and Ulix with his wall of pork. I’d never played against Ulix before myself, but I had seen him played against someone else and knew that I needed to shut down the pork summoning engine as fast as I could. A Metal Gamin that gives everyone nearby + flips on attacks goes a long way to doing this, as does summoning in Bansuva late in the turn with an immunity to slow (but the inability to cheat fate) and sending him like a four-armed missle at Burt Jebsen. Also, having Joss take Sandeep’s teleport action (Path to Salvation) to move himself 6 inches up the board and then charge Old Major is quite fun [edit: I know now that this action can only be taken by Academics or Minions and feel bad for screwing up during the game]–Old Major is crucial to Ulix’s pork summoning and was carrying the upgrade which allowed his piggies to eat my scheme markers, but he was also the target of the “A Quick Murder” scheme so clearly that was a scheme I felt was something I need to accomplish anyways. With Old Major going down turn two, Ulix was left unable to summon in any War Pigs. The Sow did rampage through my Oxfordian Mages, but Sandeep and friends were able to put down the last of the pork and pull off a 10-2 victory.

My final round match-up was against Dreads; I swear any time I travel to a tournament I end up playing against this guy. I prepped by crew thinking he would be playing Titania as many of us from the Houston contingent had decided to go for the best of the new masters prize. Instead he brought out his tournament hardened Lilith crew; the choices I had made for my crew were tailored a little more for Titania than for Lilith, but I knew I needed to play this one a little more conservatively than I had planned as I have seen what his crew can do if I play to his strengths. As the game was flank deployment with Reckoning for the strategy, I pushed my crew hard to one small area where his melee focused crew would be bottle-necked at getting to my ranged heavy crew. I must say that Dreads is not a fan of Sandeep doing an off-activation summon using his “Student of all Ability” and that I am a huge fan of how powerful it can be to use free Master AP on the activation other models in his crew. My bottle-neck strategy worked out well and I was able to use Banasuva to not only take down some of his Nephilim, but he was also a big target the baited Barbaros out of position to deal with only to have him resummoned up in his face on the same turn. By playing conservatively and making Lilith and friends come to me I pulled off an 8-5 victory against a crew that I have struggled against many times.

After the dust cleared and models were put away the final awards were as follows:

1st place – ME!!! (Arcanists, Sandeep all 3 rounds)
2nd place – Karl Gross (Ten Thunders)
3rd place – Dreads (Neverborn)
4th place – Nick Bostwick (Outcasts, Parker Barrows all 3 rounds)
5th place – Josh Arnette (Neverborn)

Like a Virgin (Best of the Wave 4 Masters) – Clay Lee (Guild, Nellie Cochrane all 3 rounds)
Pret a Porter (Best Painted) – Erin Morello (Arcanists, Dark Carnival crew)
Most Sporting – Trey Woodfin (Outcasts)
Wooden Spoon – Samantha Joelson (Guild)

I was floored and surprised that I managed to do so well with a master with whom I’ve only played four games prior to the tournament; I ended up having a blast playing Sandeep for the entire tournament, so now I’m even more motivated to paint him up! Sandeep ends up being a force multiplier–with his crew being able to use Master level attacks which in turn allow him to use his own actions off-activation, you have on your hands a crew that can end up doing a lot of things. I have found that using his “Student of All” in early turns to summon Gamin or Bansuva outside of his turn is really powerful and can throw your opponent off. Also, while Bansuva is awesome and can do a lot of work, the all-star MVP summon that I’ve found is a Metal Gamin with Commands in Wind–the upgrade makes it so all friendlies within 3 inches + flips to attacks however he can’t make any attack actions himself, but A Metal Gamin is the perfect carrier for it as he has Armor +2, can give a friendly model increased defense, and can go Defensive without discarding a card, so he’s already fairly defensively focused to begin with. Overall, he his solid at range and solid up close and a master that I can see myself playing a lot of in the future.

Yesterday’s tournament was a real treat and I’m glad I made the drive up to Austin for it; I look forward to the next tournament they host!

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  1. Gnomezilla says:

    Painting award was the lady with the Dark Carnival, think I’ve learned her name but not how she prefers to spell it.

    Parker into Turf War was interesting (against my Guild McCabe). He kept most of the crew back and just shot into the center ‘Guild style’ and I took McCabe into the melee part of his crew before he got them to the center, then applied austringer. I learned about Mad Dog’s ability to blow cover to smithereens the hard way. Parker 10 (A Quick Murder [pale rider] turn 2, convict labor beginning turn 3); McCabe 4 (Turf War turns 2 & 3, Exhaust Their Forces turns 3 & 4).

    Nellie into Reckoning faced a suboptimal Hoffball (it cried out for emissary, what I had assembled was Sidir & Promises). He brought three heavy hitters in Phiona, Burt Jebsen, and Gracie; I had Ryle. In this scheme heavy pool we sent out runners, Nellie’s reporters, Hoffman’s modified watcher & brutal effigy. Ryle was favored by fate and squashed Burt into soylent green on the first turn and absorbed attacks until the end of turn 2. That gave the runners time to fan out and refuse to engage one another. Reporters stole and squatted by enough scheme markers to scupper convict labor, normally a sure thing for a modded watcher, but I can’t fault it; the stubborn vs. their willpower attacks was good. Nellie 8 (Reckoning turns 2-4, Show of Force turns 2-4, Inspection turns 3 & 4); Hoffman 2 (Inspection turns 3 & 4).

  2. Argentbadger says:

    Well done winning the event overall. How much do you think that your opponents’ lack of familiarity with Sandeep helped you? Evidently it was enough to overcome your own lack of practice.

    • gusladogames says:

      It definitely played into it. The fact that Banasuva went down easier than my opponents expected, occasionally leaving them in the open and exposed definitely surprised them (especially when I resummoned him in their face). My second two opponents I do see on a weekly basis, so they have seen me play Sandeep and Dreads has also played against him once (although he used Titania that time). I suppose time and experience will tell, but he is a lot of fun to use.

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