Iron Painter 2018 Round 2: KISS (Keep it simple stupid)

Posted: October 15, 2018 in Finished Miniatures, Iron Painter 2018
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Being a busy busy artist/gamer/student I just realized that I completely forgot to mention earlier how round 1 of Iron Painter 2018 went for me–I got seeded into the Silver Tier! After winning out in Bronze Tier last year, my goal for this year was to make it into the Silver Tier, so I’ve accomplished that! Also, round 2 finished up and I just submitted my round 3 entry a few minutes ago, so I suppose you might be wondering how I did in round 2…


For Iron Painter round 2, the theme was “KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)” and they had some rather interesting restrictions on entries for this round–the requirements limited us to a single miniature on a black 30mm base with no basing elements or base painting allowed. For all the time I’ve been doing Iron Painter, almost all of my entries have been what I like to call “mini-dioramas,” not quite a full size diorama but definitely larger than a 30mm base. I struggled to come up with a model that would be worth of Iron Painter while still fitting on a 30mm base; I also am of the opinion that a model is really completed until it’s been appropriately based, but then I realized that a bust would work great for this–not only would it fit on a 30mm base, but it would also require no basing to look good! I also thought that so long as I was going to paint a bust, I might as well bust out the digital sculpting skills I’ve been learning and make something that fits the theme in my own fun way. I sculpted the bust in ZBrush and then had it 3D printed locally. The gallery below has some digital renders of the model:

Doing this piece I learned a lot about the process of taking a miniature from the æther and making it into something tangible. I must say that it’s a really cool feeling to paint a miniature that you sculpted completely from scratch. So, by now you might be wondering how I ended up faring with this fun piece…

I won my round 2 match-up! This means that I live to fight another day in the Silver Tier! Admittedly, by the time I’m posting this I have already completed and submitted my round 3 entry, but I’m a sucker for the dramatic. I’ll be posting my round 3 entry soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that and wish me luck with the judging!

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